10 funny tweets about Morbius are almost too wild

Morbius A sensation on the Internet since its release. With poor pre-release reviews and worse general audience reviews, it’s shaping up to be one of the most underrated Marvel movies by fans, seeing a massive week of dropping week-to-week box office.

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With such a strong reaction, moviegoers tend to race online and share their opinions and jokes about the very popular movie. When it comes to MorbiusTwitter has been a hotbed of reactions, memes, and hilarious notes about the whole situation.

Today display

Million dollars

One of the biggest memes around Morbius The internet circulation was a movement called #MorbiusSweep, with fans making fun of it Morbius It topped the charts of every film produced in box office success.

The next step, of course, was for fans to make a new number to reflect how “successful” the movie was, with this tweet saying Morbius It is “the first movie to win a million dollars at the box office”. It’s a double sign, in fact, as many fans put the word “Moore” in front of other words to make the movie more fun.

No more vampire movies

While Morbius Definitely not one of the best vampire movies ever made, the fact that there were vampires in the movie wasn’t why fans hated it. But, apparently, that’s what the executives thought the problem was.

Although fans have complained about the predictable plot points, slow pace, and uninteresting main character, the vampire-centric films are being canceled left and right as a result of backlash Morbius – Instead of critically thinking that the problem may be more complex than the vampire topic.

Who is Almerto?!

Although the previous tweet indicates that the main problem with Morbius Familiarity with the main hero and the distance from Spider-Man that the film took, production may have started on another lower level Spider Man A villain’s origin story without Spider-Man.

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While superhero movies are specifically geared towards comic book fans, one of the main reasons for that Morbius The lack of success was that it did not have the audience appeal that other films in the genre have. Sony hasn’t learned its lesson, and is planning a movie about El Muerto starring Bad Bunny.

shed a tear

There are a few upcoming projects that could feature Dr. Morbius, but Sony hasn’t confirmed any plans to sequel the franchise’s Living Vampire movie. The Twitter news included an article titled, “Tears shed as Sony fails to announce ‘Morbius’ sequel at CinemaCon.”

Whether said seriously or sarcastically, the article was funny to many fans, as someone retweeted it and asked: “Who shed a tear for Morbius? Who?” With the overall reaction to the movie being negative, it’s hard to believe anyone was so upset.

It’s time to stop playing

In another joke about Sony’s future plans to show another unknown Spider-Man villain, this Twitter user used a stock photo of an executive boardroom meeting and tweeted out a fake dialogue read, “Morbius was a flop. It’s time we stop f***ing about and unveil About EL MUERTO.”

It looks like the totally wrong move to pick El Muerto as the next main character, especially when there are so many other superheroes and villains in Marvel comics that Sony could use in their next project, and this tweet suggests they should choose a sure hit after how fans react Morbius.

The lights were on

Viewers know they have a great experience when the movie crew doesn’t even bother to turn off the hall lights when the movie starts. A fan tweeted his experience as it happened during his show Morbius.

Twitter user showed a still image of Morbius Playing with the caption ‘They didn’t even turn out the lights Morbius. “Nobody seems to be taking anything seriously about this particular movie.

It’s Morbin’ time!

In one of the fun TikToks about her MorbiusTikToker used the audience’s voice in a file Spider-Man: There is no room for home Movie playback and dimming Morbius A pretend scene as fans were screaming in excitement while Matt Smith was dancing on screen.

This tweet has the same energy, reading “When Morbius said his famous phrase ‘It’s about time!’ All my cinema exclaimed, This is cinema.” Not only is it another play on the word Morbius, as he used it as power Rangers A famous phrase, but the image of this potential scene is fascinating.

Morbius Connect

When the news hit that In the verse of the spider The sequel was delayed, and they didn’t waste any time turning it into a joke Morbius and its effects on Spider Man Cinematic world.

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Marvel is notorious for being associated with its various projects, and there are Easter eggs and references in almost every of its cinematic universe. So, joking about the delayed release Via the spider versethis Twitter user said it should be hooked Morbius In any extended film production.

Let’s go!

Didn’t see many interested people Morbius However, with the movie going to movie theaters rather than streaming services – and with jokes about tickets being left in wrecked cars instead of being taken and ticket sales dropping more and more, it’s safe to say this Twitter user immediately mentioned that they lost their apartment because they spent all their money on it Morbius tickets.

This is perfectly in line with Morbius Meme culture online offline. Netizens are critical and cruel – they use extreme sarcasm and parody to ridicule Morbius over and over again across the web.

drake meme

Morbius It was up against some stiff competition during the month of its theatrical release. With movies like Batman And Sonic 2 appearing at the same time, it has been proven to be more destructive to Morbius Ticket sales and public opinion.

Drake’s disapproval and approval letter is one of the most popular meme templates on the internet, and this fan is accustomed to digging around. Morbius against Sonic 2 Which coincidentally was infinitely better with audiences during his time in theaters.

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