10 Jack Kirby Comic Book Creations Not Yet in the Marvel MCU

Jack Kirby left an indelible mark on the world of comic books starting in the 1930s. His legendary partnership with Stan Lee at the fledgling Marvel company has influenced millions of readers and moviegoers. Because of Kirby’s prolific creativity, the MCU stars colorful and sympathetic stars – like the Hulk, Black Panther, and Iron Man – who are now beloved household names. Truly, Jack Kirby deserves his royal title.”the king. “

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However, Jack Kirby’s pens and brushes have given birth to many little-known characters who have yet to appear in the ever-growing MCU. Some of them could be daring and energetic heroes in a future stage of Marvel.

10 The Wonder Man was left on the cutting room floor

Co-created by Kirby and Don Heck, Wonder Man originally appeared as a villain on the way back Avengers #9, in 1964. The Ionic character appears to have died fighting just to keep his sanity on the computer. The then-rejuvenated Wonder Man has appeared as the Avenger in dozens of Marvel stories. In the MCU, Nathan Fillion’s short appearance as Wonder Man failed to achieve success Guardians of the Galaxy 2but an episode of WandaVision Alluded to the presence of the hero. Perhaps the miracle man will be reporting for business soon.

9 Diablo is a supervillain whose time has come

Fertile pages for The Fantastic Four Several classic Kirby villains have appeared. In 1964, true believers saw the advent of the Spanish chemist known as Diablo in The Fantastic Four # 30.

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Diablo is a genius with magical powers that derive mostly from his mastery of potions. His mystical nature will make him an excellent on-screen opponent of Doctor Strange, the Scarlet Witch, Morbius or the Ghost Rider. Diablo’s colorful, elaborate costume and supernatural presence will be a visual treat for MCU viewers.

In the sprawling family tree of Jack Kirby’s creative offspring, the name Devil Dinosaur didn’t immediately come to mind. the original devil dinosaur The series only lasted nine issues in 1978 and didn’t influence Marvel’s Bronze Age much. However, the big red reptile fan base has persisted over the years, and he is starring in the 2022 animated series on Disney Channel and Disney+. Given the long-standing popularity of dinosaurs in popular culture, a Wakanda-based living dinosaur movie or Savage Land could be a successful venture. Such a film could also introduce the jungle master known as Ka-Zar.

7 Ka Zar had been waiting in the wings for long enough.

The Silver Age version of Ka-Zar first appeared on the pages X-Men # 10 back in 1965. Some deducted him as “Tarzan from MarvelWith a design that is perhaps very similar to (although previously) DC’s Kamandi, Ka-Zar has a distinct personality. His version features an interesting supporting cast, including Shanna the She-Devil and a loyal sabretooth tiger named Zabu. Considering Ka -Zar’s Jungle Operations Base, the MCU standalone movie will be a natural hit. Instead, an appearance in any future X-Men The movie would also be welcome.

6 Annihilus has the ability to fill the void left by Thanos

Appear near the end of the Kirby-Lee flagship The Fantastic Four Launched in 1968, Annihilus isn’t just a powerful villain with one of the coolest names in comic books. He is also the ruler of the entire universe, the negative zone. Among Annihilus’ great powers is his apparent ability to revive himself.

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Immune to most natural forces, Annihilus is cruel, ugly, and simply won’t stay dead. With Thanos absent, Annihilus would be a serious global threat and a cinematic challenge worthy of being Avengers or The Fantastic Four Movie.

5 Orrgo represents a long line of giant Jack Kirby monsters

Jack Kirby was involved in a variety of comic book genres and, early in his career, was known for creating giant monsters with exotic names – such as the now hugely popular Groot. The Thing is another contemporary hero that embodies the classic Kirby monster design. One such being that hasn’t yet weighed in on the MCU is Orrgo, created by Kirby for the release of strange tales In 1960. The powerful extraterrestrial monster appeared in titles such as defenders And I worked briefly with SHIELD after the success of Groot, maybe Orrgo screen time will come soon.

4 The gun kid can set a direction for a modern cowboy

No doubt most MCU fans are oblivious to the history of Marvel’s Western comics. The truth is that the original Marvel Comics #1 The story of the cowboy came out in 1939. However, the western genre has not been popular among Marvel comics for years despite attempts such as six guns Limited series in 2011. However, Kirby Two kid gun The title enjoyed a long line of Marvel releases from 1953 to 1977. By introducing a new world and cast of characters, Kid offers many action-packed plot ideas for interested filmmakers to explore.

3 Impossible human can deliver some hilarious scenes

The alien crook known as the Impossible Man first appeared in The Fantastic Four #11 It reportedly annoyed Stan Lee so much that the character disappeared from the comics for over 13 years. Back in the ’70s, the shape-shifting Poppupian found a more sympathetic audience, appearing in The Fantastic Four Series 20 issues. Since then, the Impossible Man has wreaked havoc in the Marvel universe, imitating both heroes and villains, from Invisible Woman to Klaw to Wolverine. The Impossible Man’s silly demeanor and incredible powers make him a natural cinematic.

2 Great movie inspired by the Kirby man machine

Kirby created the robot known as Mister Machine for the 1977 Marvel adaptation of Stanley Kubrick 2001. The character was later called X-51, but like Aaron Stack, his origin was rich in humanity and compassion.

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The creator of the robot sacrificed himself, so Aaron could be around, and as a result a lot of the robot narratives are tinged with loss and regret. Machine Man could be an impressive entry into the MCU, and given his mechanical nature, his powers can generate some pretty impressive special effects.

1 Hercules is a legendary hero who can bring strength to the screen

Since Hercules has been such a long presence in Marvel Comics, he has appeared in several team books such as AvengersAnd ChampionsAnd defendersIt’s not clear why he didn’t make the transition to the MCU movies. Another importer of Kirby-Lee from the realm of legend, the Prince of Power – powerful and extremely boisterous – makes his debut in the pages of Journey into mystery In 1965. As a member of the MCU, of course in ox The franchise, Hercules can be a huge battle asset and a hysterical comic chip for Marvel’s most stoic characters.

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