17 Times the Movie Trailer Lied to Us

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As Marvel fans flock to Sony cinemas Morbius, some may sign up out of frustration – and not just because it’s surprisingly generic for Jared Leto. Anyone expecting Michael Keaton to appear in the movie won’t be disappointed. while his Spider Man The villain, Vulture, appears in the film’s latest trailer, making it the shortest of the group’s appearances in the two middle scenes.

It’s far from the most egregious deception in the movie’s trailer. Previously, it was not uncommon for a producer to shoot an entire promotional scene that did not appear in the actual movie, and the dialogue and cinematography in DVD versions, in the form of previously released scenes, often disappeared. It was removed or part of a replacement cut.

However, this star Wars Fans will never forget her looks Revenge of the Sith Particularly exhilarating to hear the robot say the word “rise” as we’ve seen in many of the trailers, only to have her dreams shattered when the word never appears. (Can you imagine the feelings that arise when naming the last main part Heavenly Rise!) However, the practice is so widespread that it has its own (incredibly extensive) TV Tropes index. Here, for your consideration, are some memorable examples.

Licorice pizza

Who goes to the cinema? Licorice pizza Expecting to see Bradley Cooper chop down a pair of cars with a wiper? Paul Thomas Anderson said the scene was cut because it felt isolated from the perspective of main characters Gary and Alana, but it’s still a huge success.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Like I said, this classic trailer is one of those shot specifically for promotional purposes. The unforgettable scene shows the machines building the new T-800, slowly transforming from a pile of metal to Arnold Schwarzenegger. None of this appears in the movie, except for the trailer made He successfully told us that Schwarzenegger wasn’t really lying when he said, “I’ll be back.”

Star Wars Episode VII

Another tip from star Wars Universe: This epic shot of Kylo Ren storming the snowy forest and burning his awesome sword. Sadly, the Force doesn’t seem strong enough with this one to keep him at bay.


There are so many moments God The trailers were missing in the movie as Comic Book Resources did it all. The movies themselves are empty and sexless, even including the first intimate Marvel scene. Honestly, I was replacing this awkward sex scene with a whole scene of a drunken imp singing karaoke like I did in the trailer.

big quartet

You know you’ve missed a marketing campaign for a movie when the discrepancy between the trailer and the final product kicks off their news cycle. Then again, what’s the side of this lousy superhero photo? not Do you feel cheated?

Among the most dangerous pieces: footage of The Thing falling from a fighter plane. Sources close to director Josh Trank blamed Fox budget cuts for the absence of the scene during an interview with Fox News. Weekly Entertainment; Meanwhile, a source close to the studio claims that Trunk watched him over and over to see if he wanted the scene before making a decision against it.

Ferris Bueller

If you thought Ferris Bueller bullied his sister, Jenny, the amazingly angry Jennifer Gray, imagine if he even did that Brothers and sisters to explain. In the first trailer for the movie, it appears that besides Jenny, Matthew Broderick’s best friend has two other siblings, a brother and a sister. Life comes to you quickly. (And in this case, it also looks like an editor.)

Batman Begins

It’s not uncommon for a trailer to include a full monologue that spans the chopping room floor. However, fans are still disappointed to miss this Batman Begins Never enter. The bold monologue shows the emotional spirit of the character and the strong feelings of the world in which he lives. Unfortunately, screenwriter Jonathan Nolan said there was no chance of this work being included in the film; He wrote it in a few hours especially for the trailer.

However, let’s put it here for the sake of old times:

They told me there was nothing there. There is nothing to be afraid of. But the night my parents were killed, I saw something. I’ve been looking for it ever since. I’ve been around the world, looking in the dark, and there’s just something in the dark. scary thing. Something is not going to end until it takes revenge. me.

See? goosebumps!


Talk about sitting on the throne of lies! The ice hockey featured here – where Will Ferrell threw one of the players into the stands – never appeared in the final episode.


You can’t bother us with a picture of Adrien Brody covered in laser sights and no Put it in the movie! …unless you’re Robert Rodriguez, in which case, of course, you can.

In response to a question about the omission, Rodriguez told MTV News that he filmed this scene of the trailer in order to “crystal an idea” that humans are being hunted by predators. “A lot of my movies have trailers that I just shoot for the trailer, so people haven’t seen the movie but have an idea of ​​what it should be.”


All Joker cords by Joaquin Phoenix The biggest commitment is not to drag Jason Derulo and fall down the stairs like the promised trailer. Just like that fateful day Sith revenge, Realizing that Arthur would never suffer this fateful downfall, I was betrayed by the feeling of betrayal—so much so that I whispered to myself, “I’ll be the Joker.” (joking…maybe.)

suicide squad

And speaking of Joker… let’s take a moment to review how many times we’ve seen Jared Leto’s creepy smile over the past few weeks. suicide squad The trailer where he says, “I’m not going to kill you – I’m going to hurt you so badly, truly Error. Now let’s talk about how that never happened suicide squad film. Talk about a murder joke.

Evil Dead 2013)

Horror fans might remember Fed Alvarez’s Red Band show dead devil, including a particularly horrific scene in which Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore) cuts off her arm while Jane Levy taunts her as one of the terrifying Deadites in the series. They can also remember their disappointment when they realized the time was never too late.

Spider-Man (2002)

like with T2 et al, this entire trailer for Sam Raimi Spider Man Filmed for promotional material only. However, in a dark twist of fate, the entire trailer was eventually pulled from theaters after September 11, 2001 due to the prominent World Trade Center. (It even opens when photographing the Twin Towers.)

lie lie

We’ve never seen the character of false attorney Jim Carrey argue a case in which he argued that a vandal who attacked an old man was Really victim, but a line from that scene appears in the new trailer. Jigsaw is available here. Come let Jim Carrey say “one of the toughest suburban spots” and keep hearing some of the actor’s classic shouts – straight from the judges’ booth as he yells:You have the right to forget about silence! »

Ultimate Spiderman

promotion Ultimate Spiderman It left fans feeling like they had finally learned the original, untold story of Peter Parker – which she felt was valuable. I mean, the movie posters literally promise “The Untold Story”.

Then there’s the epic monologue from the trailer: “Life isn’t easy. I’ve made enemies, powerful enemies. I put the people I love at risk. But the one thing that’s haunted me my whole life is knowing the truth about my parents.”

Unfortunately, this is all a lie. The movie never tells us anything shocking or new about the Spidey family history. Popular fan theory speculates that this material could have been saved for expected future installments that never materialized after the sequel failed, but Webb denied this.

kill Bill

Actor and martial artist Michael Jay White filmed a fight scene for kill Bill Which also unfortunately killed. But the actor said he has no unfinished business with director Quentin Tarantino. When he shared a photo from the set in 2019, the actor wrote that despite his cutscenes, he “really enjoyed working with him and learning from one of the filmmakers.” A great filmmaker of our time.

You can see the full picture here.

Harry Potter and the Prince

Why in the name of Merlin’s beard would anyone prevent Alan Rickman from the sinister mystery of “it’s over” in any movie? ! Harry Potter Movies have a great tradition of skipping the important moments in trailers. (I always want a piece Chamber of Secrets Which includes footage of Ron and Harry driving a flying car over Big Ben.) But is that exactly it? It’s a very far broom! The ‘Akyu’ mantra Some general comments and give us a special cut, please!

Another serious cut? this time in Deathly Hallows When Voldemort asked Harry, “Why do you live?” And he said, “Because I got something worth living for.” Unfortunately, this is also appreciated. Quoting Slughorn of Professor Jim Broadbent, “These are the crazy times we live in – the crazy!”

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This article is automatically translated from the original language into your language. Feel free to let us know if they contain translation errors so we can correct them as soon as possible.

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