2010: Joaquin Phoenix, The Scarred Man

There is no doubt that if George Peric was still alive he would have been interested in this very unique actor, Joaquin Phoenix.

But what is the relationship you will tell me, between an author life instructions and translatorInherent vice or recent joker ? Well, a secret trait common to both men’s face: this scar on the edge of their upper lip. A personal mark that Beric considered a distinctive mark and that he enjoyed looking for it in other real or fictional characters. Thus, the painting by Antonello de Messen le Condotierre attracted his attention. A portrait of a military leader with a cleft lip will make its writer the central character in the novel of the same name. In fact, the scar is a paradoxical sign, an antigenic expression of manhood and failure. Masculinity because it refers to potential conflicts, hypothetical fights, or risks that have affected the body. Failure because it is a form of injury and asymmetry of the face. Strength or failure, two opposite sides that accurately characterize Joaquin Phoenix, both in his personal life and in his career.

Quiet Force: His Life Is His Own

Joaquin Phoenix recreates the image of a man at ease with a certain self-confidence. He is also a citizen involved in many cases, against the war in Iraq in 2003 or for the animal cause more recently. In the cinema, he is a very physically demanding actor that we know. His body, huge at times, and at times feline, exudes a sensual masculinity that directors often highlight. Starting with the role We Discovered in 2000, directed by Ridley Scott (gladiator) : a Roman emperor – kind of a condotiere to be exact – too credible to give the answer to the veteran Russell Crowe. Strong bust, bull neck and hypnotic look, Joaquin Phoenix immediately made an impression. Most of the films that will follow will reinforce this image of the actor with masculinity attached to the body. at SignsHe embodies the younger brother who does not shudder when it comes to expelling the alien from the family home. at Inherent viceInterpret the investigator with sideburns are all in physical strength. Let him appear in Leonard Lover (two lovers) or a professional killer )Good day), in the avenger’s trash (The night is ours, sir) or a cash singer )walk the line), Joaquin Phoenix exhibits a blend of calm strength and animal energy.

Wounded or failed, still here

But behind this apparent strength lie weaknesses. The psychological wounds we find in Phoenix himself as in most of the characters he was able to embody.

Because Joaquin Phoenix, in the early part of his life, has come a long way. Raised in a family belonging to the Sect of the Sons of God, he rubbed shoulders with long-standing anxiety. An unsettled life during which he and his three brothers will have to beg. At that time, the young man also called himself a nature-inspired first name. After summer, rain and river, his brothers and sister, it will be Lev. Paper, picture of brevity, meridian. In 1993, River plays Joaquin Phoenix’s older brother in Gus Van Sant’s film My Idaho. Soon, he died of an overdose. He was twenty-three years old. The scar has not healed.

Abused by life, Joaquin Phoenix has often played characters who ache, mostly men who need affection. He is the complex and impulsive brother of yards By James Gray, a solitary bespectacled quadra who struggles to find her soul mate Ha. Many of his characters are very common men. thugs or losers (joker). Men lack self-confidencethe gladiatorAnd Ha). In 2010 he receded in the movie “The Documentary”. I’m still here He paints the image of the actor who is always on the sidelines. The marginalization was then confirmed by his interpretation of a former alcoholic who became a quadriplegic ( Don’t worry, it won’t go very far on foot) Or a troubled veteran (nice day).

From Strength to Failure: The Irrational Man

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The filmography of Joaquin Phoenix shows above all that the actor portrayed a large number of mentally disturbed characters. A series of crazy – angry or curious – all together. Thus, Emperor Commodus is certainly powerful but above all suffers from incestuous neurosis coupled with paranoid delirium. at stray manAbe Lucas is a depressed philosophy professor who finds joy in life by taking out a man who embarrasses him for free. A crazy crime for which he considers himself irresponsible and unexpected. Finally, in Good day, Joe is a man devastated by an abused childhood, which leads him to mutilate himself, a masochistic type of voluntary scar. But this is clearly in his last role, a role joker, a character contradictory in essence, radiated by Joaquin Phoenix. Interpretation in the image of the actor, all in nuance and introspection but punctuated by irrational flashes. The unpredictability, and the outburst that Phoenix shares with a few great actors of his caliber who have themselves played memorable madmen: Robert Mitchum, Jack Nicholson or Robert De Niro.

Joaquin Phoenix, one of the actors who has made his mark more than ever during the past ten cinematic years.

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