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Sony’s latest project in the world Spider Man miscreants Morbius. The movie borrows somewhat from the Marvel comic book story, though not all of the movie’s characters are lifted directly from the comics. However, one of the people featured in the comics is Martin Bancroft.

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Adria Arjona brings the character to life on the big screen, and she’s got some character changes compared to her original Marvel Comics counterpart. Fans interested in the character’s potential path may find some hints in the background of her comic book.

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When did Martin Bancroft first appear in her comic book?

Martin Bancroft as she appeared in the 1970s Marvel comics issues

Martin has been a part of Marvel Comics since 1971. Her comic book debut came with the reveal of Michael Morbius’ background story in The Amazing Spider-Man #102. Martine was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane (AKA Eli Katz).

The Spider-Man comic book case featured teaming up with Lizard to confront Morbius, but a large portion of the case was devoted to bringing back memories of Morbius’ origin, which is where Martine first appeared. Just like in the movie, she was on the boat as Morbius became the “living vampire” for which he became known.

How is Martin’s career different in Morbius?

Adria Arjuna as Martin Bancroft and Jared Leto as Morbius

The 2022 movie makes a huge difference in Martin’s career. In the comics, she first appears as Morbius’ love interest, but also as his employee. She’s his secretary, not at all on par with him in a science lab.

However, the film sees Martin as a doctor and researcher. She’s worked at Horizon Labs alongside Morbius, and even understands his research well enough to know what he’s doing, despite him trying to keep her away from her and give her plausible deniability for his illegal methods. Martin shares his experience rather than just staying along. Other than Morbius, she is clearly the most academically gifted in the movie.

Who did Martin turn to for help with the comics?

Fantastic Four Red Richards

While the movie sees Martin injured in the hospital after Morbius goes missing after the experiment, that’s not exactly what happens in the comics. There, Morbius jumps into the sea to make sure he doesn’t harm Martin, collecting his notes and looking for another scientist for help.

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Martine is actually visiting Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, but that’s largely because she found messages that went back and forth between the two. Unfortunately for comic book fans, Morbius and the Fantastic Four are not in the same movie universe.

Were Martin and Morbius enemies?

Morbius saves a woman in Marvel comics

Although Martine is a staunch ally of Morbius in the film, and never turns her back on him no matter how his strength changes, this is not always the case in the comics that follow Morbius. She turned on him, although that’s not entirely her fault.

One of the stories actually saw her under the control of the wizard Diamond. She joins the cult of Diamond, believing that they can help her find a way to prevent Morbius from being violent when his blood lust begins, but instead, Diamond seeks to use Morbius as a sacrifice with Martin’s unintended help. In the end, after much strife, Martin was able to get out of Dimond’s control, but it was the first time she and Morbius had been on opposite sides.

Did Martin become a vampire?

Adria Arjuna as Martin in Morbius

The film leaves Martin’s fate up in the air. After urging Morbius to drink her blood when she learned her wounds were fatal, Martine appears to have died in the movie. However, one drop of Morbius’ blood sees her wake up after her death without the public knowing whether or not she has the same abilities as Morbius.

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In the comics, another vampire arrives at Martin. She was actually turned into a “living vampire” like Morbius once, then after she was healed, she was transformed into a “real vampire” in a later story. Martin becomes a vampire twice, and she doesn’t mind that because she thinks that means she can be with Morbius forever.

How does Martin die in the comics?

Martine doesn’t technically die when she becomes a vampire – either way – because she becomes immortal instead. Of course, because Martin has become a “real vampire,” the rules of the vampire lore apply to her in the comics, and there are some items that can kill her, like a stake in the heart.

Knowing that she and Morbius are two different types of vampires, Martine wanted to turn the love of her (eternal) life into the same type of vampire as her. I used the Spider-Man investigation into Morbius to track him down The Amazing Spider-Man #622, not using the best judgment, attacked him. Her whole goal was to transform Morbius, but Morbius, who had spent most of his time as a living vampire looking for a cure, did not want to become another kind of vampire. This led to an altercation between the two of them and Spider-Man, and it ended with Martin’s real death. Morbius was forced to use the leg of the table as an impromptu stake against her.

Has Martin appeared in live events before?

The end of Morbius explained

Since Spider-Man and associated characters have been featured in animated and live-action projects for decades, there are many different versions of many of his partners and well-known villains. But Morbius and Martin are not some of them.

Morbius has appeared in a few different animation projects over the years, but Jared Leto’s role as the title character marks his first official appearance in live action since his appearance from code chopped off. On the other hand, Martine never appeared in the animated properties. Likewise, she has never appeared in live action yet. Adria Arjona marks the character’s first on-screen appearance.

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