8 Darker Characters Who Fight Spider-Man In The Comics

For sixty years, Spider-Man has been astounding fans with his incredible adventures. Spider-Man’s villains are some of the most exciting villains in the comics, and his extensive travels throughout the Marvel Universe, as a member of squads and in his many squads with other heroes, have seen him battle the most dangerous villains around. Marvel has always relied on its realism, many Marvel villains are known for their dark tendencies, redefining evil for generations of comic villains.

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Over the years, Spider-Man has encountered some of the darkest characters that Marvel has to offer. Some of them were part of the gallery of crooks, while others were famous for fighting other heroes. Spider-Man makes a great chip for these types of characters; His sense of humor and energy can meet their beast, and he can be serious with the best of them.

8 Spider-Man has faced Mephisto multiple times and always comes out on the losing end of the deal

Mephisto is not the devil, but it is the next best thing. He is the ruler of the infernal dimension, full of fire and demons, he exists to deceive the pure in heart of their souls. He’s a mostly cosmic threat, battling powerful heroes like Silver Surfer, but he and Spider-Man have their head-to-head encounters. Spider-Man is exactly the kind of person that Mephisto targets, the man who will do anything to protect the innocent and make any sacrifices to save the day.

They didn’t exactly fight, as Spider-Man wouldn’t stand a chance against Mephisto, but they did engage in a battle of wills more than once. Spider-Man has rarely appeared on the winning side of these, even giving Mephisto exactly what he wanted, Wall-Crawler’s marriage to Mary Jane, on one occasion. Spider-Man doesn’t lose much, but Mephisto has been able to climb to the top every time he meets.

7 Spider-Man and Sabretooth entangled several times

Sabretooth is one of the most brutal villains on the planet. He’s spent years traveling the world and doing jobs that allow him to sate his bloodlust, from soldier to spy to assassin. His animal mutation makes this very easy. His claws, sharp teeth, superhuman physical abilities, keen senses, and healing factor allowed him to become one of the premier mercenaries in the world. His few encounters with Spider-Man have been a hitman, experiencing Wall-Crawler like few others.

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Sabretooth has done terrible things in his very long life, harming women and killing innocents with the result, and he was basically the worst kind of person imaginable. He actually makes an excellent Spider-Man villain for these reasons; He and Wall-Crawler contrast well.

6 The tragic background of Morbius and his inability to control his thirst has him running away from Spider-Man

Spider-Man has battled many villains that started with the best of intentions, and Morbius fits that bill. Suffering from a rare blood disease, Michael Morbius has tried himself and become a living vampire, and needs to drink blood to stay alive. Clash with Spider-Man instantly. Although he was a hero in the past, he found it difficult to control his thirst, and this led him to fall back into the villain many times.

Morbius is tragic and dark at the same time. The only way to survive is to be a vampire, but his inability to control his thirst and tendency to lose himself to bloodshed often makes him a monster. He’s the best kind of dark character, one who combines pathos and evil by the same measures, something that the last movie totally missed.

5 Bullseye is one of the most prolific killers that Spider-Man has ever faced

Bullseye is one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains, and his ability to kill anything he throws at him makes him a master killer. When recruited to Kingpin, he’s mostly known for his fights against Daredevil, but Spider-Man fought the all-rounder crime lord as well, so he goes against Bullseye. His spider sense and agility saved him from Bullseye’s attacks, but even then, battles weren’t easy for Wall-Crawler.

Paul enjoys nothing more than killing. His whole life is his job, and despite his skill, the job is very good. Few of Marvel’s mercenaries are prolific, and every battle he takes is a white-knuckle affair, where he can kill with a simple look and a flick of his wrist.

4 Green Goblin’s obsession with Spider-Man led him to some dark places

Green Goblin and Spider-Man have been fighting for years, as their war has taken the two men to some very dark places. Norman Osborne’s anger issues and mental illness were exacerbated by his conflict with the young hero when Spider-Man began his superhero career and led him down a path that made him one of Marvel’s most psychotic villains. There is nothing Green Goblin desires more than the death of Spider-Man, and he will do his best to torture Wall-Crawler.

The Green Goblin inoculated Gwen Stacy as a way to harm Peter and ended up killing her, the mastermind behind the Clone Saga, and used his knowledge of Spider-Man’s secret identity to target his friends and family. He has truly become a goblin on the inside, doing his best to hurt his enemy no matter what it takes.

3 Spider-Man has faced Thanos a few times too futile

Thanos is the scariest villain in the Marvel Universe. There is no other object that elicits the response that it does. For Earth’s heroes, every time Thanos appears is a potential extinction-level event, and they band together to fight it. Spider-Man has found himself in those fights many times over the years, but he’s never really come in handy; His powers wouldn’t exactly do much against the Eternal Cosmic of Titan.

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Thanos is a more tragic villain than most people know; His best stories highlight how he was treated as a child by the people of Titan by planting the seeds of a monster in him. These seeds grew within him, and he became the greatest butcher the universe had ever known.

2 Morlon travels in the multiverse and destroys the Spider-Men and Women

Spider-Man fights some of the most terrifying enemies imaginable. One of the scariest is Morlon. Since its inception, it has been a terrible threat to Spider-Man, an energy vampire who exists to drain the life force of spider-powered beings throughout the multiverse. Spider-Man’s victories against Morlun are always close ties, and the villain once beat Wall-Crawler to death, forcing him into a cocoon that saw him reborn with even more brutal powers.

The revelations of Morlon’s world travels to hunt down men and women who use a spider has made him an even darker villain. It is a predatory animal that enjoys playing with its food; The terror and death he causes are just as important as the energy he takes from his victims. He’s a formidable enemy, and even after everything Spider-Man has faced, he still fears Morlon.

1 The whole carnage life revolves around murder

Carnage is one of the most disturbing villains in the comics. There are plenty of super villains that enjoy killing, and Spider-Man has encountered many of them. However, they also like to use their killing skills to earn money, hitting two birds with one stone. Carnage is not like them. He doesn’t kill for the money, just for the sheer excitement. He was a serial killer before he gained his token, but he was far from the races once he got it.

Carnage is probably the most dangerous villain of Spider-Man. The equalizer makes it extremely difficult to hurt him and allows him to indulge in bloodshed easily. Every battle against Karnage is a battle for the lives of the many innocents around him; Carnage is definitely the kind of indiscriminate slaughter of a bystander just because.

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