8 Marvel Vampires Along With Morbius (And How They Could Appear In Live Action)

The latest installment in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, Morbius Finally in theaters after several delays from its initial date in July 2020. The film stars Jared Leto in the titular role, alongside Matt Smith, Adria Arjuna, Jared Harris, and Therese Gibson. Unfortunately, the film was heavily criticized, although it was not a complete failure at the box office.

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Despite the largely lukewarm response, Morbius They effectively reintroduced Marvel vampires to living life. It looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is doing the same with the upcoming Halloween and code. As such, there are several iconic vampires that viewers should expect to see soon, although the universe is up for debate.

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Perhaps the most important vampire besides Blade in the comics canon is Count Dracula and when vampires are introduced in the MCU, he will likely become a major character in their evolving story. It is the ancient lord of Transylvania who has become the supreme ruler of all vampires. His thirst for blood and power pushed him into conflict with famous heroes, especially the Avengers and the X-Men.

While code It would make sense, it would be interesting to see it somewhere else – to get away with it triple blade. Given the intriguing relationship of vampires with mutants, Dracula could make an interesting opponent for the upcoming X-Men movie or series. Alternatively, depending on how things go, Dracula could also face off against the Black Knight from Kit Harrington or Gail Garcia Bernal’s Werewolf by Night, even once a Halloween Special is on display.

night vampire

Nina Brinka aka the vampire by night

The origins of vampires are related to the Darkhold, a group of evil magic as seen in Shield AgentsAnd fugitivesAnd WandaVisionAnd most likely Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. Messing with the book’s magic further cursed Nina Price’s ancestors, making them werewolves. Nina is attacked and turned into a vampire as well, which explains her curse.

During the day, she appears to be a normal human, but once the sun goes down, she becomes a werewolf-vampire hybrid, nicknamed Vampire by Night. Interestingly enough, she is the niece of the first werewolf of the night, cleverly named Jack Russell. There are already many rumors and theories that Nina will be part of the MCU soon after casting Laura Donnelly in the Halloween Special. Vampire by Night would definitely fit in with this kind of show, and so could appear again in future horror-related projects.

Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost's first appearance in The Tomb of Dracula, appeared beside Blade's mother's bed.

Although it was announced that Mahershala Ali will take on his second role in the MCU as Eric Brooks aka Blade – after his role as Cottonmouth in Luke Cage – It was a surprise to hear his voice during the post-credits scene eternity. Viewers will likely have to wait a while for that moment to pay since then code It’s currently set as part of Phase 5, with no release date. However, fans can expect to see Black Knight and Blade teaming up, possibly against one of his greatest enemies: Deacon Frost.

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Deacon is the man responsible for turning Blade into a dhampir, part vampire, and killing his mother. Unless an MCU movie changes its origins, it seems likely that Deacon Frost will play some roles in it. However, the character may have been altered or adapted in a way to distinguish it from 1998 code


Varnae, the first vampire from Marvel Comics

Morbius the Living Vampire stands out among the broad pop culture of vampires for being the scariest and most brutal by design. He shares this trait with Varna, the first and one of the most powerful vampires. After Atlantean magicians transform him into an immortal creature of darkness, Varna has ruled vampires for thousands of years. This brought him into conflict with Thor and, later in modern times, Doctor Strange.

While his conflict with these integrated characters in the MCU, Varnae may find a better place in SSU, if he seeks to continue exploring Michael Morbius’ story. He could act as an antagonist to Morbius or related characters, but since he’s not the most well-known character, he’ll likely take on a secondary role.

Lilith Drake

Marvel's Lilith Drake, daughter of Dracula

Not all vampires in Marvel comics are villains, and they aren’t necessarily heroes. Some are in that annoying gray area, sometimes cooperating with the good guys to achieve their goals and sometimes fighting against them if they get in their way. One such character is Lilith Drake, the daughter of Dracula. Where he goes, you follow him, most likely trying to kill him. Therefore, Dracula must appear in codeIt shouldn’t be surprising to see her soon, either.

She is wise and manipulative like her father, sometimes choosing to possess others as part of her plans to outwit Dracula. As such, you’ll make a worthwhile ally character and a secondary character in codeWell, if that’s where the movie is headed. Conversely, future projects could also bring in her brother, Xarus, who becomes dangerously similar to their father.

Baron’s blood

Baron's blood roars as he attacks Captain America (Sam Wilson).

While it makes sense that vampires would largely encounter other mystical beings like Doctor Strange or Brother Voodoo, some great stories do happen when they clash with ordinary heroes. This seems to be true of John Falsworth aka Baron Blood. Dracula turns him into a vampire, and eventually goes to fight his brother, James Falsworth aka Union Jack – played by JJ Field in Captain America: The First Avenger.

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As such, in the MCU, this will force him to fight the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, which he does in the comics. Truthfully, he might make a very unexpected choice for an opponent in Captain America 4 Because he is not as popular as his father Dracula. Therefore, if he appears in live action, he will likely be in a smaller role with him in Dracula’s service.

King Hannibal

Hannibal King from Marvel Comics' Nightstalkers

Blade isn’t the only vampire influenced by Deacon Frost’s quest to end vampires around the world. He is often joined by his ally, Hannibal King, who never completed his transformation by consuming blood from a living human for years. While Blade works towards the complete eradication of vampires, Hannibal is more eager to cure himself. They eventually form a team called the Nightstalkers and fight Dracula and Deacon Frost.

Therefore, it is likely to appear in code Or future installments in some way – perhaps in a supporting role. He acts as a kind of sidekick for a blade. Interestingly enough, Ryan Reynolds played Hannibal in triple blade In his first of many superhero roles. With Spider-Man: Now Way Home Embracing previous incarnations of Spider-Man as part of the multiple verses, Blade may receive the same treatment and Hannibal King with him.


Hunger grabs Spider-Man and Blade from his neck

Matt Smith takes on a antagonistic role for Milo Morbius, Michael’s brother, in Morbius, although initially it was announced that he was playing the role of Loxias Crown aka The Hunger. The character has been changed to make him more comparable to Morbius. This comparison then highlights the radical moral differences, as Milo quickly becomes a villain after becoming a surviving vampire.

Although the Hunger character was still used in Milo’s development, the door is still open for him to appear later, or even in the MCU. This could entail someone playing Loxias in future SSU projects, or the character appearing in MCU films or horror-focused TV shows. Either way, as the cycle has changed MorbiusHunger is still technically a free game to take advantage of.

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