8 things from the MCU that Sony’s Spider-Man universe needs to combine

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has set the standard for all upcoming crossover movie franchises, with the Sony Spider-Man Universe joining the fray recently. The universe so far has had Venom and Morbius as the lead, with Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web, and El Muerto as characters to appear in the near future.

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Unfortunately for SSU, it suffered from negative reviews and a few unfavorable box office returns, which were highlighted by the extremely poor reception of Morbius. The franchise can benefit by removing its drawbacks and using the MCU model. Whether the comedic component of the MCU is how TV shows split up with movies, it’s worth looking at how SSU can turn things around.

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Balance between seriousness and comedy

Eddie Brock holding a chicken while talking to Venom in Venom 2

While there were likable characters in poison And Morbiusfilms deviate a lot in one direction in terms of tone. poison 2 It could easily double as a comedy movie while Morbius It tried a lot to be taken seriously as a horror movie of the superhero genre.

The MCU has struck a balance in this aspect, with comedy-driven films such as Guardians of the Galaxy Infusions of serious moments that consider issues of character abandonment and underlying grief. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe needs to bring the comedies with a sense of timing rather than foaming everything up and movies shouldn’t be completely dominated by serious themes either.

Focus on the team’s movies

Heroes gather in Avengers Endgame

Fans are accustomed to following Avengers’ plans across the MCU, as well as other teams like Guardians of the Galaxy, Masters of the Mystic Arts, and Revengers, among others. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is looking to isolate its heroes right now, and that’s not the way to go if they want to build a world that fans can fall behind.

The MCU has brought the team aspect to life by either bringing together heroes from separate films or creating entirely team-centric stories. In this way, viewers follow multifaceted characters and can choose the hero they prefer. SSU should include teams to have a variety of personalities with their own traits and behaviors.

Create subplots to support characters

Anne laughing at a restaurant in Venom 2

The supporting characters for Sony’s Spider-Man universe are relatively one note in the characterization because their entire purpose is to make up the main superhero’s cast. This is in contrast to the MCU, where the supporting characters can sometimes have their own story arcs independent of the protagonist.

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This was seen as much as in iron man 2Pepper is shown as he struggles to become the new CEO to keep up with Tony’s antics. Likewise, the lovers poison I enjoyed characters like Anne but was disappointed that she had nothing to do in them poison 2 Other than looking for Eddie. To create a backdrop that viewers can immerse themselves in, SSU needs to expand on its supporting cast.

Add high-level engraving appearances from top heroes

There is so much engraving in the history of the MCU that it is now second nature. However, fans still love watching the unexpected appearance of a big superhero as it heightens what’s to come. So far, SSU has been lacking in this area, though poison 2It was a post-credit scene for “A Step in the Right Direction.”

While Morbius Try to do the same by bringing in Vulture, the latter doesn’t invoke the same kind of excitement that someone like Tony Stark from the MCU did when he appeared in Incredible Hulk. SSU should ideally add high-profile looks – like Venom in a Morbius Movie etc. – for viewers to watch a new movie with a level of unpredictability.

Develop villains that viewers care about

Loki is imprisoned in Thor The Dark World

So far, SSU has failed to bring in unforgettable enemies, and many still see Venom as a villain in the Sony Spider-Man Universe even though he is a hero. The key to incorporating a villain that people already care about is by adding a sympathetic backstory to them or having a real connection with the protagonist.

The MCU has received high praise for villains like Thanos, Hela, Killmonger, and Loki – all of whom have personal issues with heroes. SSU chose to make the villains completely despicable, but getting a page out of the MCU book to make them tragic characters would do a better job of retaining interest in them.

Create lesser known characters through TV series

Moon Night Oscar Isaac Mr. Knight Suit

Not all characters can achieve instant success despite supporting a huge franchise – the MCU understood this and a TV series commissioned for lesser known heroes. It wasn’t for the likes of Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, and more are getting a lot of attention on the big screen and the MCU went on to present these heroes in a TV series so that viewers would recognize them.

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Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is taking an adaptive adventure Spider Man Unpopular villains like Morbius and Kraven the Hunter – past box office failures prove that not every character can achieve the desired success. SSU will be better served using the small screen path to minimize losses while giving fans a way to check out these lesser known characters.

Focus on the human aspects of personality that go beyond their powers

Morbius returns to human form

Much of the marketing behind Sony’s Spider-Man Universe heroes has been about how powerful they are supposed to be, along with how special and flashy they are. This only works on the surface because viewers basically see them as done characters who don’t have much to relate to.

Meanwhile, the MCU has added human qualities to its heroes – the god Thor had an arc in which he was deeply depressed and had to forgive himself, going with billionaire Tony Stark’s story finally thinking of others other than himself. While characters like Morbius have great abilities, it would be even more useful for SSU to delve into the characterizations of the heroes.

Connect movies with an overall plot

Avengers Endgame Tony Stark Early

The MCU was praised for diving into its films in stages and the first three had an extensive outline of the Infinity Stones. It all culminated in a colossal success Avengers: Endgamewhere all the heroes of the universe are gathered together to prevent Thanos from using the Infinity Stones.

SSU also needs something to tie all the movies together so that fans can understand why there is a cinematic universe, to begin with. This common element can be MacGuffins such as the Infinity Stones that each hero can hunt down or seek to defend in order to justify the ultimate crossover between them. Curiosity and intrigue that overall plot commands are a huge reason for the success of the MCU and SSU needs to incorporate this as well.

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