9 MCU heroes would be the perfect partner for them

Thanks to having his own Disney + series, moon knight It’s becoming a new sensation for Marvel. From his origins in Egyptian mythology to his dealings with dissociative identity disorder; Moon Knight fans are a great new addition to the MCU that makes them think which heroes they will eventually meet.

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Although Moon Knight may not get a chance to meet some of the classic Marvel characters like Iron Man, Steve Rogers, or Natasha Romanoff, there are still plenty of MCU heroes out there. Some are practically gift-wrapped to share with Oscar Isaac Moon Knight.

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dead list

Deadpool is terrified when his X-Force is killed in their first mission

With Deadpool joining the MCU in his third movie, many will want to see Merc With A Mouth interact with many different characters. Ryan Reynolds has so perfected his role as Deadpool at this point that he can outsmart anyone.

Mark Spector and Wade Wilson are mercenaries with less than desirable histories. Mark and Wade’s work together in the past can easily be reconnected, and it would be fun to see these two characters together.


Morbius shows his powers

Although technically a Sony character, the post-credit scene for Morbius raises the idea that the titular anti-hero will enter the MCU to fight Tom Holland’s Spider-Man; Possibly a member of the sinister serpent six.

With Moon Knight dealing more with supernatural and horror-based threats including other types of vampires, it’s not an exaggeration to see the two interact. They can even work together to fight Marvel’s Dracula, who owes Moon Knight money in the comics.


Fan poster featuring Mahershala Ali as Blade

It’s already rumored that Blade will debut in the MCU in moon knight series after his vocal appearance in eternity. Similar to Morbius, Blade fights in the dark area of ​​the Marvel universe, often battling zombies, vampires, and whatever else happens at night.

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moon knight It may already display similar items such as mummies and zombies. Moon Knight and Blade are both members of the Marvel team known as the Midnight Suns. As a result, having two dark heroes working together to set up the Midnight Suns would fit right in with the MCU’s style of building up to a major crossover.

the structure

The mcu hull problems are bigger than the movie rights Marvel Universal mark ruffalo

Although he was called back after Avengers: EndgameThe Hulk and Bruce Banner both struggled with the duality of having two people who share the same body. Moon Knight also suffers from it due to dissociative identity disorder, which results in the characters of Mark, Stephen and Jake. Hulk Legends has many elements of horror like Moon Knight, as it was also inspired by classic movie monsters.

Not only could the exchange of identities lead to some humorous scenes between the two Marvel heroes, but perhaps both could learn from each other. Mark and Stephen can learn to treat each other better while Bruce Banner and Hulk can learn to communicate as Mark and Stephen do.


daredevil image

Moon Knight is known for dealing with mystical threats from Egyptian mythology, but he is also a street-level keeper. To some extent, he has a lot of similarities to Batman, which could make him the perfect character to share with another one of Batman’s equivalents: Daredevil.

Daredevil is no stranger to the supernatural either, considering he has dealt with The Hand as well as the resurrection of the Elektra. Together, the two heroes can develop a dynamic and a plot line that will be more like a detective story.

Spider Man

Concept art for the ultimate Spider-Man suit in Spider-Man No Way Home

At this point, the MCU version of Spider-Man had made a career of crossing with the other heroes. distance Spider-Man: There is no room for homeWithout his connections to the Avengers, Spider-Man would be, but that could not interact with any other heroes.

Spider-Man and Moon Knight have had a lot of interactions in various forms of media, from comics to animation and even video games. A family-friendly Spider-Man interacting with such a devious, devious ranger often leads to a fun show of complete opposites.

werewolf at night

Moon Knight fights a werewolf at night in Marvel comics

Not only did Moon Knight debut in a version of werewolf at night, but the character Werewolf By Night will get his own movie coming to Disney+. This leaves the MCU wide open for crossovers between the two characters.

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Werewolf By Night can easily be brought to future seasons moon knight as a guest character, or vice versa with Moon Knight appearing in werewolf at night Movie. Both will continue to add to the supernatural horror aspect of Marvel.

Bucky Barnes

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes

After all these years, Bucky Barnes has suffered so much grief that he could easily be a wise mentor person. He knows what it means to be traumatized to the point of being a new person.

Moon Knight’s Dissociative Identity Disorder isn’t quite the same, but Mark and Bucky share a lot of pain. Not only were they able to bond with him, but Bucky could teach Mark and Stephen enough pain control to help him balance his life as Mark, Stephen and Jake.

Dr. Gharib

Doctor Strange With Choosing Magic

At this point, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange has become an integral character who brings connections to much of the MCU. Strange helped reunite Thor and Loki with their father, was a big part of the Avengers’ victory over Thanos, and brought three Spider-Men together. Doctor Strange is supposed to be the big hero who keeps an eye on all the mystical threats in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With Mark Spector being the avatar of a literal Egyptian god of vengeance, Strange will want to keep an eye on Moon Knight and the villains that will come as a result of his actions. The two can work together to fight all kinds of supernatural threats with two completely different situations which make way for plenty of humor.

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The Grand Inquisitor of Obi-Wan Kenobi

The best photo of the Grand Detective of the Kenobi Show was released

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