A sequel with Joaquin Phoenix will remain in Warner’s plans

after victory jokerDirected by Todd Phillips, it appears that the DC sequel starring Joaquin Phoenix is ​​still in development at Warner.

Now that fans have understood the director’s clip Justice SquadIt is clear that Warner intends to rebuild its world on the ashes of Snyder-Verse. between cancel New Gods and Trench (which can still be recycled in 4-5 years) and launch new projects (static shockAnd green lanternAnd blue ladybugAnd ZatanaAnd bat girl), the studio has finally decided to sort the licenses for the superheroes, but also to store them in different drawers for better navigation.

The portals of the multiverse are about to open with the following SparkleIt has been confirmed that Robert Pattinson’s The Batman movie The Dark Knight will actually be on Earth-2, while most of the other movies will remain with the DCEU, the universe in which all the characters we’ve met since Man of Steel have evolved.


Considering Michael Keaton’s Batman returns in Andrés Muschietti’s movie, we can also ask Questions about past DC and Warner productssuch as the Joel Schumacher films, the Christopher Nolan trilogy or even joker Todd Phillips, who is likely to be part of the multiverse and thus could return to the screen. But if it’s hard to see George Clooney in his robe and his nipple rackets, Audiences can still expect to see Arthur Fleck again (Joaquin Phoenix) after the success of the movie in 2019.

A kind of unidentified flying object that managed to break out of the shackles of mainstream superhero cinema, yOkay It was one of Warner and DC’s greatest hits on the big screen with commercial success (1 billion at the worldwide box office) and earned an Oscar for Best Actor for Phoenix and one for composer Hildur Guðnadóttir. So a sequel with an older Bruce Wayne seemed obvious and was the subject of internal discussions before he was stifled by rumors and other projects (randomly, Snyder’s cut). However, the main topic at the moment is the development of a black Superman dealing with the Kal-El legends, which was weird. opportunity to hear from Joker 2.

Photo, Dante Pereira Olson, Bruce WayneCome on, it’s worth a little smile

The Hollywood Reporter He actually published an article recently on the search for a way out of the new incarnation of the Kryptonian and took the opportunity to sneak up on another slightly overlooked piece of information: “So far, all movies and TV shows except The Batman […]And HBO Max’s spinoff Gotham PD, Joker, and its planned sequel, will take place in the same universe. “

following joker So it will always be in preparation, even if the condition remains strict and we are still waiting to know if Arthur Fleck and the new Superman are also on Earth-2, but at different times. Pending confirmation, we’ve rated all the DCEU movies in this aspect, while we’re reviewing joker It is still available here.


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