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The world’s most feared pirate Sombra receives a major overhaul Monitor 2Much of its power is transformed from its usefulness to its deadly powers. This rework is available for beta checking, and it gives it a whole new identity, so former Sombra players might not know how to handle these changes at first. Her new game plan still retains some of her old identity, though, as she still roams the map, pinch the targets, and try to disrupt them. But, luckily, you might get killed this time. You might want to know how to maximize your gameplay like Sombra in the Overwatch 2 beta, so here’s our handy guide to help.

If you are new to Note and watch And they’re just looking for an overview of what Sombra does, and know she’s a mischievous character who excels at disrupting the back line and getting some kills along the way. Her ability to “hack” can disable enemy abilities, ultimately saving your team from a critical enemy or ability. She’s also an incredibly safe character, as her ability to “teleport” allows her to withdraw from battles with ease.

Note this sombra The guide is updated for the first time Monitor 2 Open beta testing. It is likely that future beta tests will see modifications to all playable characters, and any noticeable changes will be reflected once these updates drop.

the abilities and the skills

Sombra has received a major rework, changing many of her abilities while retaining some of her old ones. It’s important to know her full range before diving into a game, especially when compared to her age Note and watch several.

negative for hertrimmer It remains mostly the same as the original Note and watch. This ability takes advantage of her assassination abilities, allowing her to locate critically wounded enemies behind cover (less than 50% health). However, its negative effect has a new effect. When you hack an enemy, he will also get an increased 50% damage from Sombra. Make sure to hack the enemy before you shoot them because of this damage.

her primary fire, machine gun, is a submachine gun that holds 60 bullets, and each grain deals seven damage each. It has a small spread, which makes it a fairly accurate weapon as well. secondary fire, takeNot an attack at all – it’s an ability that has many effects.

take The waiting period is four seconds and lasts for eight seconds. This ability infects enemies with a “hack” disease, which prevents them from using abilities for 1 second. It also detects enemies penetrating through walls for eight seconds. Sombra can also hack health packs, which prevents enemies from taking it and increases its spawn rate. This lasts for 30 seconds.

Sombra Overwatch 2 beta guide

its electronic capacity, Translator, is a teleport ability that allows you to place a teleport spawn. Cast this ability again to teleport to the location you took out. This ability is exactly the same as it was originally working Note and watch. You can press “F” to cancel the interpreter in case it is in a bad place.

Sombra Overwatch 2 beta guide

Sombra’s transformation ability, stealthilyIt puts her in a state of disappearance. They will be detected when you are approaching an enemy or while penetrating a target. for the elderly Note and watch Players, yes, she can hack and is now invisible. Note: This disappearance lasts indefinitely and will not be reversed unless you take action.

maximum capacity, electromagnetic, penetrates all enemies within a large AoE radius. It also deals 40% of the current HP of all enemies, which means it now has a lot of value as a small nuke while starting.

Overwatch 2 sombra

Game plan and gameplay tips

Sombra plays a less useful role in the DPS now and is more of a character killer or diver. Its identity is similar to heroes like Tracer or Genji, who excel in reaching the line of defense, doing some damage and causing havoc, and then withdrawing to safety. A typical game plan is very similar to what you would have done originally Note and watch: hack a health package, or find a safe place where you can put your compiler; infiltrate the enemy’s rear line, and then perform a breakthrough on a key target; Spray it with your initial fire, and if you’re in danger of dying, back off with the translator.

As you fight Sombra in team combat, you may want to consider saving your Hack to interrupt an Ultimate Important Enemy. You should know that, unlike the first game, the Sombra hack now eliminates enemies from their abilities for just a second. As a result, Hack is now much more useful in increasing damage, and for serving as a boycott. Look for the main targets to break through in the middle of the fight. For example, a super Roadhog can be stopped in its tracks if you can hack it. Reinhardt using his charge can also be hacked, completely canceling this ability. Be careful where you’re hacking, as taking damage will interrupt the hack and put it on a slowdown.

Consider the opportunities you can use your translation translator as a starting tool as well. You can throw this ability in the air, then throw electromagnetic pulses for example. If your team is diligent, they will benefit from the utility that Hack brings, as well as the massive damage you caused instantly. There isn’t much counterplay here; It is very difficult to respond to them and enemies may not be able to save themselves in time.

Team synergy and counters

Sombra can cooperate well with diving teams and with such aggressive tanks as the D.Va and Winston. She’s pretty self-sufficient too, with her hacked health packs allowing her to relieve some of the healing required of your teammates. However, Sombra works well with most of the heroes in the game. For example, you can choose it with Zarya, where you can easily combine your EMP with Zarya, the ultimate Graviton Surge.

Sombra is hard to counter due to its ability to sneak out of a fight, but having Zarya on your team can help out looking for teammates when they’re in a pigeon situation. For support, playing Anna may help, as her odd hitting chest makes hitting her a little harder. Her sleep game can also help, as a successful darts can lead to the quick death of a wrong-doing Sombra.

This concludes our Sombra guide for Monitor 2 beta. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for your favorite heroes.

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