After Heredity and Midsommar, Ari Aster’s new nightmare promises to go crazy

The new genius of horror cinema, Ari Aster, will return with Serious disappointment.a dark and horrific comedy starring Joaquin Phoenix.

With only two feature films to his credit, Ari Aster is already one of the most promising names in horror cinema. If it is disturbing and evil genetics He has already conquered the press and onlookers, the scriptwriter made everyone agree with him Midsmara horror film as brilliant as it is a nightmare that quickly became an emblem of “high horror,” a subgenre that reconciles horror with visual experimentation.

After these first two movies which were highly regarded, Ari Aster decided to stay with A24 for his next movie called Serious disappointment.. In this new work, the director must present an intimate portrait of a successful businessman played only by Joaquin Phoenix. If the information is still missing and no image has been detected, except for the stolen image that we will allow you to search for, The only information we actually have is somewhat (extremely) attractive..

When we are asked to keep smiling when there is no release date

If the film’s cast is really promising, that’s where we’ll find Broadway stars Patty LoBone, Amy Ryan, Nathan Lane, Stephen McKinley Henderson (dunes) or even Parker Posey. Besides them, we will also find French actor Denis Menouche, excellent in Till the end Coming soon to a great poster As Bestas, Spanish director Rodrigo Soroguín’s new filmMadre, El Reno).

and rightly, Denis Menochet said a little more about serious disappointment. In an interview with the magazine cinema teaser In verse 113, what he says is particularly interesting:

“I loved the movie Heredity, so I was very curious how it would be watched. And it was crazy. Really, there are shots in this movie that would disappoint everyone. J can’t wait to see it. The tone of the movie sounds crazy. It felt like it was constantly mixing genres. To get to a place in the cinema that no one has been to before. I think Disappointment Blvd. will create his own genre: the Ari Aster movie.”

Inglourious Basterds: Photo, Dennis MenochetWe all bow to Dennis Minoche

According to the actor’s words here in the promotion of Peter von Kant François Ozon’s new movie (yes, he shoots a lot), Serious disappointment. It may be wonderful as expected. If it is clear that the actor would not say the opposite, then what he evokes regarding the mix of genres is very tempting. However, at the moment, it is difficult to know when the movie will be released in theaters.

According to the site real world, The movie must be 3×30, which is unacceptable for A24 who will refuse to distribute the film if Ari Aster does not cut a portion of it. So hopefully Ari Aster will be able to release his movie despite its bargaining length or find common ground with A24 and that the release date will be known soon since then.In the latest news, Serious disappointment. It should arrive before the end of 2022which is a deadline that can therefore be postponed.


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