All Marvel Zombies Miniseries, ranked

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Show fans that there are an infinite number of universes to explore. The marvel zombies The series delivered one of the scariest timelines, turning Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains into bloodthirsty monsters.

From crossovers with ash from Evil diedto fight with Ghadir Ultron, the marvel zombies The story has taken fans on a journey over the years. In all, the twelve series that include marvel zombies So far, they have done their best to scare unsuspecting readers.

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12 Age of Ultron vs. The Marvel Zombies (2015)

Ultron zombie looks from Marvel Zombies

Age of Ultron vs The Marvel Zombies It allowed Marvel to combine two of its most famous villains into one terrifying series. Set in the wastelands of Battleworld, Hank Pym is sent to zombie-infested landscapes to rescue all who have not been eaten or destroyed.

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The Marvel Zombies are not the main focus of the series and are somewhat involved in the complexity fighting world story. However, for Marvel Zombie fans, it’s fun to see them do battle against a worthy opponent like the Ultrons.

11 Marvel destroy zombies! (2012)

Howard the Duck fires two Marvel Zombies missiles

Marvel Zombies gave the writers an opportunity to imagine terrifying scenarios that transcend the boundaries of dimensions. Marvel destroy zombies! Dum Dum follows Dugan as he teams up with Howard the Duck to prevent an army of Nazi zombies from infiltrating other universes.

As ridiculous as the plot sounds, it’s actually a disguised use of marvel zombies Mythos. Howard the Duck’s addition was a nice touch, and his partnership with Duggan is one of the funniest friendships in the Marvel comics.

10 Marvel Zombies Supreme (2011)

Marvel Zombies Supreme Zombie Swarm Look

outside the main zombies In the story, many of the miniseries stood as isolated stories that were more or less self-contained. Marvel Zombies Supreme Jill Harper is shown trying to prevent several funded superheroes from escaping from a project: the Pegasus facility that has been testing for the virus.

Definitely more horror-oriented than a lot of the other mini-series, super top Don’t pull punches in the blood and gut department. Bringing the series back to its roots, the five-volume set reminds readers that Marvel Zombies remain one of the most powerful villains in the universe.

9 Marvel Zombies 5 (2010)

Zombie Spider-Man marries Marvel Zombies' Mary Jane

In the fifth installment in my nervous marvel zombies The universe, it seemed as if every dark corner of the possibilities had been explored, however, the book managed to introduce a new nightmare to the fans. Morbius sends a group of heroes to other dimensions to retrieve samples to study the virus.

With gleeful heroes like Howard the Duck in the lead, the mini-series is fun through five different styles of zombies. Each alternate universe draws inspiration from the likes of George Romero, Sam Raimi, and many other notable personalities dealing with the zombie phenomenon.

8 Marvel Zombies 4 (2009)

A look at Morbius and Werewolf by Night from Marvel Zombies

In meeting monsters Marvel Zombie 4 Present a battle between the best bad guys on one team. Morbius leads the Midnight Suns on a mission to stop a small zombie outbreak, only to discover that an evil villain, The Hood, is plotting to use the virus to destroy all superheroes.

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Watching notable monsters like Morbius and Man-Thing battle against zombies was a great use of characters. Also, the story of the severed head of Zombie Deadpool, is one of the funniest ideas that have come out of them all. marvel zombies Universe, and it moved on to other books as well.

7 Marvel Zombies: Resurrection (2019-2020)

Spider-Man swings away from zombie Galactus in Marvel Zombies

More than a decade since they first appeared in the comics, Marvel Zombies showed they were still going strong when they appeared in Marvel Zombies: Resurrection. Galactus’ zombie body arrives on Earth and sparks a whole new zombie outbreak that leaves Spider-Man and a small group of heroes to save the planet.

Using an alternate universe to essentially replay the story, resurrection It gives Spider-Man a chance to play the hero instead of the villain. As is usually the case with zombies A series, the intrigue of the origins of the virus keeps readers engaged between horror scenes.

6 Marvel Zombies 3 (2008-2009)

A zombie hand reaches out to a Marvel Zombie hero

Marvel zombie 3 Bringing horror home, he put his story on Earth-616, the main Marvel Universe. When zombies attack through the Nexus of All Realities, Morbius leads a team into the zombie dimension to secure an uninfected human to make a vaccine.

Marvel Comics introduced some wild alternative dimensions, and the zombie world was one of the scariest. By bringing zombies to Earth-616, the book created dangerous repercussions for all the heroes of the Marvel Universe, and changed the direction that would take place in the future. marvel zombies It will take serial.

5 Marvel Zombies 2 (2007-2008)

Zombie Captain America rushes ahead from Marvel Zombies

While they were scary enough to begin with, Marvel Zombie 2 Introduced a whole new dimension of horror to the story. After devouring all life in their world, the Marvel Zombies decide to rebuild their dimensional portal and start new universes to consume.

Years in the future, the now-aged Black Panther is seen as humanity’s last defense against zombies, and seems to be up to the dreaded challenge. Unlike the mindless zombies in many movies, Marvel Zombies are very terrifying because they are able to outsmart their opponents, and they often do.

4 Marvel Zombie (2015)

Elsa jumps through a horde of zombies from Marvel Zombies

The fighting world The story gave the writers the opportunity to re-introduce Marvel Zombies in a different context. The 2015 miniseries known as Marvel zombie It follows Elsa Bloodstone who has been ordered to act as a guardian to ensure that zombies do not infiltrate the Battleworld. The presence of a child among the zombies spurs her into action to save the little girl.

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A powerful blend of horror and action, marvel zombies It was a fresh look at the franchise. From a human perspective, the series returns the zombies to their original state as a no-brainer of terrifying monsters.

3 The Return of Marvel Zombies (2009)

Zombie Spider-Man crawls through spiders from Marvel Zombies

more than marvel zombies The miniseries told us a long story that juggled all the issues, but The return of Marvel Zombies Take a completely different approach. Each edition of the series focused on a single character from Earth-Z, drawing readers’ attention to the whereabouts of Spider-Man, The Hulk, and others.

The continuity of each issue runs concurrently with the others, and although they are separate stories, the actions of each character have an overall effect. In the end, the latest release served as the end point for all threads of the story, cleverly connecting things with the original track of marvel zombies.

2 Marvel Zombie (2005-2006)

branch from Ultimate Fantastic Four. Ultimate Fantastic Four Series, the first ever marvel zombies The short series has proven to be one of the scariest comics of all time. Magneto brings Red Richards back into his world and tries to devise a plan to stop the zombies. Meanwhile, Marvel’s greatest heroes alternate from unwavering hunger, and extreme horror as they think about what they’ve done.

What made the comics so creepy was that all the zombies knew what they were doing, but couldn’t stop themselves. Without missing out on any gory details, the once-upon heroes are transformed into evil creatures due to their uncontrollable need to eat meat.

1 Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness (2007)

Ash swings his chainsaw in Marvel Zombies' Wolverine

At the intersection that saw very little coming, Ash Williams cracking was wise Evil died I got a chance to beat some of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains. at Marvel Zombies vs. Game Ash is accidentally sent to the Marvel Universe during a zombie outbreak. Thinking it’s the work of the Necronomicon, Ash tracks down its owner, Dr. Dom.

Fully immersed in the story, Ash arrives and brings his signature sense of humor into the comics. Unfazed by the presence of superheroes, Ash’s overconfidence is given a reality check when he realizes that zombies are much more powerful than just the dead. While it failed to stop the zombie outbreak, Ash’s appearance in Marvel Comics was a pleasant surprise to horror fans everywhere.

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