All you need to know about New Queen Street in Overwatch 2

One of the first complementary maps of . has been revealed Note and watch Fans During BlizzCon 2019, New Queen Street (formerly Toronto) has been the “face” of the new Push mode for several years. with the release of Monitor 2 BETA On April 26, players can finally dive into this Canadian paradise for themselves.

The main base of the new hero in the game, Sojourn, note and watch’Toronto’s version is full of snow, clean chrome, and endless nods toward its versatility. Food stores of all kinds line the paths alongside many quintessentially Canadian essentials—stay tuned for ads for Tom Beansons, a smart nod to Tim Hortons.

This is also one of the few new maps that are steeped in knowledge, mostly related to Sojourn. The city’s multiple shops prominently display prosthetics and cybernetics, suggesting that the new Queen Street is the epicenter of the exact type of technology that Sojourn It is used in battle and life.

While future Toronto is likely to hold many secrets for the future Note and watchHere’s what you need to know to deal with snow tricks today.

Screenshot via Overwatch 2


Players will spawn at one of two points on either side of the map, both equal to the amount of space away from the initial push bot location. Spawn one inside the game’s version of Union Station, which comes complete with a landmark map for the Toronto Subway system. And the other inside a rink, spreading the Canadian curling badge to players everywhere.

Immediately outside any of the spawn is a round metal circle indicating where the opposing team should push the payload.

two sites

The mode-friendly payload bot, Two, is located under a covered bridge in the middle of the map. Two surrounded by many red buses and countless ever-blooming maple trees that science has yet to explain. The bot will unlock after the first 30 seconds of the round, giving players a chance to run to the starting position and start the fight.

Screenshot via Overwatch 2

push track

Unlike Escort and Hybrid maps, which transfer payloads from one place to another via a linear map, New Queen Street goes in two separate but very similar directions. The ends of the map are the initial spawn points and the immediate middle is the original location of the two. Between these two, there are two visually similar checkpoints that will open a front spawn for the “push” team.

As soon as either one leaves, players will be met with a building with open windows with plenty of room for snipers to take over. The next “level” of the map is also similar, with rows of shops and small alleyways with clever names. Unlike the old Note and watch Maps, this isn’t just visual clutter; Some stores are open, allowing players to turn around and get a health pack or some cover. The alleys provide very fast routes to the middle of the map for faster drive.

Screenshot via Overwatch 2

Checkpoints are located on either side of the map and include a round metal circle on the ground, where two will pause for breath, along with multiple levels of roosts around to defend or attack. Notably, New Queen Street has a plethora of places to hide, from taxis to random signage.

It would be deja vu for the teams that keep pressing two teams; The “end” of the map is the spawn point of the other team.

Strategies and Hero Choices

Since the mode itself is very new and chaotic, it is difficult to decide which heroes will be most useful in the payment maps, including New Queen Street. Thanks to the alleys, shops and places of endless coverage of this map, navigation will be extremely important. It is possible that heroes such as Tracer, Soldier: 76 and D.Va will be able to return the wings to the main “path” of the map.

Screenshot via Overwatch 2

There’s also a decent level of verticality on New Queen Street, which gives snipers a good foothold if the opposing team isn’t running a tank like Orisa or Reinhardt. Champions who absorb or take advantage of incoming damage, especially Zarya, can strike back all those trick attacks on the opposing team.

While players tend to gather around two and sit on the payload (a strategy that is appropriate enough on a given base Note and watch maps), they should try to avoid it as much as possible here unless it’s a push for extra time. New Queen Street is absolutely full of little nooks to hide and stairs to climb. Get several team members to launch spring attacks and make way for the few left to defend the bot.

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