Almerto: Who is he? Sony’s Spider-Man villain

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El Muerto gets a big screen. Bad Bunny (actual name Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio), pop star and Latin music phenomenon, has been cast as El Muerto, the main character in Sony’s Spider-Man universe, which will hit theaters in January 2024.

Sony has spent the past few years trying to develop its own universe independently of the well-known characters in the MCU. Sony is busy producing a host of characters to confront and possibly partner with its most cherished character, Spider-Man, starting with Venom in 2018, its sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage in 2021, and the recently released Morbius movie. The world of Sony Spider-Man is in full swing, with more pipeline clicks, including Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web.

While Venom and Morbius may not have the star power of other Marvel characters, Tom Hardy and Jared Leto’s starring roles have helped propel them from comic book heroes to big-screen attractions. This is what makes the trailer for El Muerto so interesting. This will be the first Marvel movie to include a Spanish-speaking hero, and Sony’s decision to choose a Latin music star over a veteran actor could be a risky move.

Who is Almerto?

El Muerto is a friend of Spider-Man who first appeared in the 6th edition of The Friendly Spider-Man Neighborhood in 2006. Juan Carlos Estrada Sanchez is his real name, while El Muerto is a family nickname passed down from father to son for him. several generations. However, it is not just the name that is passed. It is also the strength and tremendous power of a magical mask.

El Muerto descends from a long line of Latin wrestlers known as Luchadors, who compete in the Lucha Libra form of professional wrestling, which has long been a staple of Mexican popular culture.

of violent origins

Sanchez’s fate in the stars was written as a child. He was raised in the art of martial arts, having been trained by his father from birth until one day wearing the cloak of El Muerto. When the time comes for the younger Sanchez to take on his father’s mask, he encounters a strange figure who is only understood as El Dorado, whom Juan must defeat to prove he is worthy of the powerful mask.

But for fear he refuses to fight, and his father is obliged to defend him. This led to the most traumatic event in his life: El Dorado tears his father’s head from his body. El Dorado offers Juan a life-changing opportunity while holding on to his father’s mask. Juan is given 10 years to explore the world and find his courage by a villain who admires his father’s bravery. He challenges and fights another masked enemy and reveals his conviction when these ten years are up (a huge insult in the world of Mexican wrestling). If you don’t, El Dorado will put an end to Juan’s life. According to an article by Collider.

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