Amazon Prime Video: 10 Gangster Movies to Urgently Rediscover

News culture Amazon Prime Video: 10 Gangster Movies to Urgently Rediscover

Do you want to liven up your daily life? JV’s editorial staff invites you to discover or rediscover classic gangster films. Immerse yourself in the mafia crime of the last century thanks to this selection available on Amazon Prime Video.


  • outlaw men
  • Donnie Brasco
  • Once upon a time in the Bronx
  • LA secret
  • Tonight belongs to us
  • middle triple
  • The Incredibles
  • Main Street
  • Once upon a time in America
  • sicario

outlaw men

We started this selection slowly with the adaptation of “The Wettest County in the World” by Matt Bondurant. for version men without laws, in 2012, John Hillcoat (La route) took over the production of the film, accompanied by the screenplay Nick Cave (The Suggestion). This 1931 production plunges us into the heart of America in complete prohibition. During this period, from 1920 to 1933, the United States banned the manufacture and import of alcoholic beverages in an effort to reduce the population’s consumption. Our story takes place in Virginia, a state famous for producing alcohol. Here we accompany the Bondurants brothers, smugglers of illegal liquor, but this deal ends when Special Agent Charlie Rakes arrives from Chicago to stop this traffic.

Donnie Brasco

Donnie Brasco It is a 1997 movie, directed by Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), and written by Paul Attanasio (Contest Show). We follow the story of Joe Peston (played by Johnny Depp). The mission of this FBI special agent is to infiltrate the Bonanno mafia family that rules the entire East Coast. During his first approach, he meets Lefty Ruggiero (Al Pacino), a follower of the family. Joe Beeston changed his name and became Donnie Brasco, a jewelry specialist to better integrate the environment. Donnie gradually allows himself to get involved in the mafia game until he forgets his initial mission.

Once upon a time in the Bronx

It’s director Robert De Niro (Taxi Driver) who combines this choice with the film Once upon a time in the Bronx. Chazz Palminette (Broadway Gunshots) writes the script. Once upon a time in the Bronx, we experienced the everyday life of Italian society in the 1960s. We follow the life of Calogero, the son of Lorenzo Agnello, an honest bus driver. But Kalogero dreams of another life, the life of a real member of a mafia family. One day, the young man witnessed a murder scene by Sonny, a bloodthirsty and heartless criminal. Kalogero decides to keep it to himself, even when questioned by the police. What kind of life would this quiet young man choose?

LA secret

LA secret Hand on the Cradle is a 1997 film directed by Curtis Hanson and based on the novel of the same name written by James Ellroy. In the midst of the 1950s, the city of Los Angeles gradually descended into chaos after the downfall of leader Mickey Cohen. All police officers are on the alert for the “Night Owl” case, a massacre in which an officer was killed. Three inspectors who differentiate everything are called to investigate this case and separate truth from falsehood.

Tonight belongs to us

Tonight belongs to us In Our Darkrooms is a 2007 film directed by James Gray (Ad Astra). The story puts us in the place of Bobby (Joaquin Phoenix), in New York in the 80s, Bobby is the young boss of a famous nightclub. The latter does not take long to court the Russian mafia, which controls drug trafficking in the region. To continue his rise, Bobby must continue to ally himself with the Russian mobsters, but must be careful not to let anything appear to his girlfriend and family. As the NYPD investigates and closes in on the protagonist, he’ll have to make a choice… helping his family or indulging in crime.

Amazon Prime Video: 10 Gangster Movies to Urgently Rediscover

middle triple

Milan caliber 9

Milan caliber 9 It is a 1972 film directed by Fernando de Leo (Passport to Two Killers), based on Giorgio Skrapanenko’s novel of the same name. Ugo Piazza, a hardened gangster, has finally been released from prison after serving a 4-year sentence. On his return, he meets Rocco, his former partner who worked with him for the American, the criminal who reigns in the area. Ugo then discovers some bad news: $300,000 disappeared during Ugo Piazza’s last mission.

crime empire

crime empire (or Passport for Two Killers), still directed by the great Fernando de Leo, this time accompanied in the screenplay by Augusto Finucci (Sherif to Kill) and Ingo Hermes (Hallelujah Defying the West). Released in 1972, Empire of Crime plunges us into the heart of New York’s underworld. The drug trade between Italy and New York goes worse than expected, and Luca Canale is accused of theft of goods. After this incident, our man was pursued by two hired killers, David Catania and Frank Webster. This misunderstanding reaches the ears of the real criminals who orchestrated this heist, and caused the death of the entire Luca Canale family.

Amazon Prime Video: 10 Gangster Movies to Urgently Rediscover


Fernando de Leo concludes this trilogy in 1973 with President, with written assistance from Peter McCurtin. In the midst of a dispute between two rival Italian mafias, mercenaries bomb a cinema, killing more than half of the members of a criminal gang. The leader of this squad is bent on revenge for his men, and to achieve this he dares to kidnap the killer’s daughter. After a frantic chase, an open conflict erupts between the rival mafia with our hitman in the middle.

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The Incredibles

It was obvious that Brian De Palma joined that choice! The Incredibles It is a 1987 movie, written by David Marmet (Men of Power), and of course De Palma directed by. During the 1930s, during Prohibition, Al Capone ruled the city of Chicago. While the United States prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol, Al Capone is trying to capture this booming market. It was then that Federal Agent, Elliot Ness, was tasked with stopping the Chicago master. Corruption prevents the agent from working in good conditions, forcing him to cooperate with a few people he trusts. This is how they formed the Brigade of Losers, agents willing to sacrifice their lives to bring down the Godfather of Chicago.

Amazon Prime Video: 10 Gangster Movies to Urgently Rediscover

Main Street

Another movie genius at play! Martin Scorsese (Scarface) takes charge of the project Main Street In 1973. The trend of the Little Italy neighborhood, in the heart of New York City in the seventies, Charlie and Johnny Boy are young men who want to become the most influential gangster in the city. If Charlie can claim it, then thanks to his uncle already well-established in the local mafia, this is not the case for Johnny. In fact, the latter is full of debts and has a bad temper, which really does not please everyone. Then Charlie tries to reason with him and make Johnny a better man.

Amazon Prime Video: 10 Gangster Movies to Urgently Rediscover

Once upon a time in America

We continue our momentum with another cult director! Once upon a time in America It’s a movie directed by Sergio Leone (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) that was shown in our cinemas on May 23, 1984. We go back to New York at the end of Prohibition. Pasta (Robert De Niro) finds refuge in an opium den after a robbery goes wrong. Later in his life, he came back thinking about everything he went through as a gangster. In fact, the pasta survived thanks to the forbidden liquor trade in the New York ghetto. With his friend Max he did not hesitate to defy the law to try to live the American dream. An intense and fascinating movie that would later become a classic of the genre.


To finish this choice in style, we invite you to discover sicario. This movie is directed by Denis Villeneuve (Dion, 2021) and written by Taylor Sheridan (Yellowstone). Sicario makes us live the daily life of Kate Macer, a young FBI agent who lives only for her job. As a member of a Hostage Rescue Team unit, she develops with gangs on the Mexican border in order to combat the organized traffic between the two countries. One day, Kate volunteered to join Matt Graver’s team. Their mission is simple: to put an end to the Juarez gang. A film full of twists and turns as the line between morality and law becomes increasingly blurred.

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