An amazing movie has been voted as the best British film of the 21st century

Amazing movie has been voted as the best British film of the 21st century by a group of critics. You can watch the trailer below:

In a survey conducted by MASSIVE Cinema, 60 film critics from national newspapers, major film magazines and independent critics judged Jonathan Glazer Under the skin As the best British film of the century so far.

The movie, which stars Scarlett Johansson as a shape-shifting alien wandering Glasgow, seems to be better than the likes It’s EnglandAnd sons of menAnd sexy monster Or any other number of UK films you want to mention that have been out since January 1, 2000.

In a press release, MASSIVE Cinema said, “It’s hard to top anything with the frightening authenticity of our #1 title, which also gave Scarlett Johansson one of her most unique and unique roles. Haunting to this day, up to nine years and more from Marvel later.”

In theaters 2014, Under the skin It was considered a failure on the box upon release, but it received critical acclaim – it has an average rating of 84% on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

Under the skin. Credit: Channel Studio

In the film, Johansson plays an alien car driving around Glasgow on a trail of unsuspecting men, though she begins to struggle when thinking about humanity.

Micah Levy’s soundtrack was breathtaking, but it’s fair to say moviegoers were surprised to find that MASSIVE found the film so timeless.

On Reddit, one user wrote: “We still have 78. They skip a step a bit, right? »

Another added, “I had a hard time getting into that. Good movie, amazing Movie. »

Under the skin.  Credit: Channel Studio
Under the skin. Credit: Channel Studio

The movie had its fans on the platform, but one user wrote, “I’m with him. It was weird. omniscient in his view of society and sexual relationships. And aliens would easily get us with honey. The pitfalls.”

Another commented, “This movie is very well deserved, and it’s one of my all-time favorites.”

Meanwhile, many others were quick to post their own thoughts on what should actually be number one, with Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 dystopian film. sons of men A popular suggestion, along with a much-loved comedy warm fluff.

sons of men It actually made it into the top ten and eight, even though it was Edgar Wright Shawn of the dead who was more famous than warm fluffEntry on the 16th.

Director Lynn Ramsey took two places in the top ten in 2002 Callar . moving 2nd place in 2018 It was never really right Here with Joaquin Phoenix takes ninth place.

Paddington 2And Fishbowl And memory Complete the top five.

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