An anonymous source says Demi Moore’s family is apparently concerned about her new boyfriend’s past

Demi Moore She has some famous partners, but her new boyfriend is clearly rubbing everyone the wrong way. restaurant owner Daniel Hamm Making all of Moore’s friends uncomfortable? gossip cop achieves.

“Demi eats from his hand!”

according to The National EnquirerMoore roams New York City with Humm, but her loved ones are worried about more heartache. The ghost The star has been seen with the vegan chef for several months, and she believes there is a real future. Says a source, “Daniel is known in Manhattan circles for being a major player, and that’s not what Demi needs as she’s dropping out of the dating scene after seven years of being single.”

The insider explains that if Moore has an Achilles heel, it’s her love of youth and passion. The divorce with Freddy Moore, Bruce Willis, and Ashton Kutcher left a heartache in her heart. She thought she was over romantic relationships, “but this guy Daniel has done a number for her,” says Alwash. It’s more than just a casual fling.

Moore’s friends are obvious; You are not happy with any of this. They fear that Moore will only be used for her fame and relationships. The source concludes, “They’re begging Demi not to get carried away, but out of nowhere she is smitten.”

Who is Daniel Hamm? Should Moore be worried?

you read the Enquirer Long enough and you’ll start to notice repetition. This story is actually an exact copy of a previous article. When Katie Holmes was dating chef Emilio Vitolo Jr., she claimed that all of Holmes’ friends were against her because he was using her for fame. Now, she just replaced celebrity chefs and replaced Katie Holmes with Demi Moore.

Since this story is just a copy, it is impossible to trust it right away. Moore’s true friends would never betray her by speaking to this tabloid. We don’t really know much about Humm and Moore’s love story because at least the past few weeks have been quietly dating. Secrecy and privacy open the door to silly stories like this. Moore is an adult and not a naive of the world. She can handle herself in a new relationship.

Bruce Willis Pigment Mill Rumor

We know that Moore helped Bruce Willis in the midst of his tragic battle with aphasia. The exes remained close despite their split. This particular outlet once claimed that Moore was causing the breakdown of Willis’ marriage, but that never happened. When Willis famously briefly quarantined with Moore instead of his wife, this outlet was ready to move fate. In fact, everything was fine.

Just for review: This outlet has a bad reputation when it comes to moore, and it only reuses old materials. There is nothing here to trust.

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