Animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix has produced a pro-vegan documentary ‘Gonda’.

Remember, that was in February 2020, during the Oscars. Actor Joaquin Phoenix made a strong appeal to animals when he won an Academy Award for his stellar role in the movie. joker.

Crying in his voice, the actor, a longtime vegetarian, upset Hollywood by denouncing how humans allowed themselves to artificially inseminate a cow…”When she gives birth to her child we steal it despite its unmistakable cries of pain. And we take his milk, which should be for his calf, and put it in our coffee and in our cereals‘, he stated.

Understanding the compatibility with the ideas of the Russian director Viktor Kosakovsky, also a convinced vegetarian, the relatives of the latter organized a screening of the documentary film shortly afterwards for the actor. Gonda, which follows a norwegian pig and her piglets that end up in sausage meat.

Joaquin Phoenix remembers how good he was”he moved“With this projection,”Unprecedented experience“. The actor immediately called Kosakovsky to tell him: “Finally someone did it, someone showed the animals as they areSince then, Joaquin Phoenix has become the executive producer of the documentary, providing insight and an unexpected guarantee for these images.

Profession of the vegetarian faith Gonda He seeks to persuade the public to give up eating meat entirely. But he does it in a sober way. This striking black and white documentary is completely devoid of commentary, dialogue, and script. In order to avoid any controversy or accusation of manipulation, the Russian director also refrained from the soundtrack, to put animals at the center of his film.

If you put on music like Schindler’s List, because it’s actually the same thing, the whole world would cry‘ Victor explains Kosakovsky. I said no, no, no voiceover, no message, no music, nothing to pay forOn the viewer.Watch and decide for yourself‘, says the director, vegan from a young age and became completely vegan while filming Gonda.

This choice of direction proves particularly powerful at the end of the film, when a malevolent camera follows a farmyard, increasingly panicked about the fate of its young ones. The director says he is still haunted by the desperate gaze of the animal, which he chose as the star of his movie just moments after seeing him.

She was my very own Meryl Streep…an incredibly special actress who can convey emotions without speaking.“, he thinks. “We expected to search for four or six months. But the first animal we met was Gonda. It was obvious that she was talking to me“.

Gonda Released on Friday viavirtual cinemasfrom New York and Los Angeles and is scheduled to be shown in theaters next year. Rest assured, the now-famous Gonda planting didn’t end up at the butcher. Peace to the end of his days, as Victor asserted Kosakovsky.

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