Are Morbius and Blade enemies?

April of this year saw a drop in Sony’s latest Spider-Man Universe movie in the form of Morbius. Starring Jared Leto in the title role, this tinged superhero thriller introduces audiences to Dr. Michael Morbius, a brilliant scientist with a rare blood disorder who accidentally turns himself into a “living vampire” when searching for a cure.

Morbius It launches in fun time for the broader Marvel multiverse as Marvel Studios is about to take on Blade, the iconic vampire hunter, with Mahershala Ali set to take on the role made famous by Wesley Snipes in the original film. code The late 1990s/early XXI century trilogy. In fact, Ali actually made a vocal cameo at the end eternity.

So with a living vampire and a vampire hunter on the big screen, it’s interesting to think about the relationship between the characters. But are Morbius and Blade enemies? What is their history in the comics? And the most important question of all, can they meet at the cinema?

Rivalry explained in the comic book of Morbius and Blade

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After Morbius was written in The Amazing Spider-Man In 1971, Blade was created for Dracula’s grave In 1973, it didn’t take long for Marvel to get a great idea to bring vampires and vampire slayers together. The duo first fought in October 1974 adventures of fear No. 24. As you’d expect, they started out as bitter enemies, with Eric Brooks being Morbius’ second enemy after Peter Parker. However, over time, their relationship became more complicated …

Although Blade despises all vampires, having his mother killed by one of them during his birth, he eventually overcomes his prejudice toward Morbius as his origins are scientific rather than supernatural. They even served together on the dark-edged superhero team, Sons of Midnight. But when Morbius fell under the influence of extreme hunger, he became a raging beast. in 1999 Peter Parker: Spider-Man #8Blade proceeded to chase after him and was bitten by the vamp in the process.

in the same year Blade Vampire Hunter #1, it was revealed that Morbius’ bite had a surprising effect on Brooks and turned him into a Daywalker – this was Marvel’s way of bringing the character closer to the movie version. Blade’s origins were later reworked, however, proving that the sting Deacon Frost gave his mother was the true source of his powers, thus removing Morbius from the equation.

Morbius and Blade almost faced the film

While we wait to see if the complex comics history of Morbius and Blade can be replicated on screen, it’s worth noting that the duo almost caught the eye. Blade II.

1998 code It was originally slated to end with great excitement about what was to come in the sequel, with Morbius falling into a cameo. The deleted ending was filmed, and a low-quality hard copy later appeared on the Internet (you can watch it above). As you can see, the Living Vamp was only supposed to stand on a rooftop and look menacing, but Marvel fans in the late ’90s have lost their minds on this, considering that world building and complementary bait weren’t the norm in superhero movies at that. the time.

As for why Morbius was cut off, we unfortunately bear Guillermo del Toro’s responsibility. When he signed for guidance Blade IIHe wanted to draw from his impressive imagination rather than the well-established Marvel universe, so he turned down the opportunity to use Morbius. This means that his appearance in the last moments of the first movie had to go.

Can Morbius and Blade meet in the MCU?

Jared Leto Morbius 2022 Grammy
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23 years after that deleted scene, and we’re still waiting for the Blade/Morbius encounter. But could that happen soon? This is a difficult question to answer…

First of all, the two conclusively exist in separate universes, with the vampire Leto inhabiting the Sonyverse and Blade working in the MCU. But, Morbius It builds on both Poison: Let there be a massacre And Spider-Man: There is no room for home Prove that travel between the two realities is possible, so intersection is not impossible. In fact, Morbius may be about to join the Sinister Six. The evil group will likely be based in the Sonyverse, but they can move to the MCU to fight Spider-Man. Maybe Morbius could quarrel with Blade while he was there.

Instead, the pair might become uncomfortable allies instead. moon knightOscar Isaac quipped that the Midnight Sons are about to be shaped into a future project – Blade among them. While Isaac did not list Morbius as a potential team member, he was part of the list on the page, so the option is there to bring him on board.

Although it was seriously destroyed, Morbius It did well at the box office, so Sony will undoubtedly be keen to do more with Against the Champion. Who knows if that would involve a confrontation with Morbius and Blade, but history has shown us that the stakes would be high if it did.

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