Researchers are investigating the differences between post-stroke aphasia and postoperative aphasia

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers from the HSE Language and Brain Center worked with Russian doctors to address the differences between symptoms of post-stroke aphasia and aphasia caused by glioma surgery. Postoperative patients present with rather severe speech disturbances that affect all aspects of language processing simultaneously. Understanding these differences will help clinicians develop more … Read more

What is aphasia? – Clinic Baton Rouge

The family of the famous actor Bruce Willis recently announced that he is stepping away from his acting career due to a health condition called aphasia. While many people were saddened to hear the news, it left them wondering about the condition. Here is an overview of what aphasia is and how it affects a … Read more

The stroke survivor walked 29 kilometers through the Lake District with her gym friendship group to beat isolation

Jane Williams was otherwise healthy when she had a minor stroke in 2021. It left her with a condition called aphasia, which causes problems with speech and affects one in three stroke survivors. When the Stroke Association helped her understand this, she wanted to give back. Jane, a retired fire prevention manager from Thornton, was … Read more