Batman: 5 Unreleased Minutes With The Joker Online! Cinema news

Director Matt Reeves surprises fans with an unseen scene, cut from the movie “Batman”, in which the Dark Knight Robert Pattinson confronts the Joker set up by Barry Keoghan.

The character was clearly expected and watched by all fans of the DC universe. He only appears subtle (and mainly vocal) in The Batman, at the end of the feature film when an annoying conversation occurs between Riddler (Paul Dano) and an Arkham guest who gives him his friendship…also as an instantly recognizable laugh.

So open-minded while promoting the feature film, which currently dominates the US and French box office, director Matt Reeves would have willingly stated at our microphone the decline of the Joker’s presence in his film, which Barry Keoghan (especially seen in Eternals) has been unrecognizable.

The character was originally supposed to appear earlier, in another scene, but it’s all about context: I didn’t want to do a Batman origin story, because I felt it had been done, and very well, in many of the other scenes. (…) This Arkham character refers to the Joker before he was the Joker. He has not yet decided to claim this concept. But I wanted to make him someone Batman met in his freshman year, and got locked up because he was a killer.”

This particular scene, with a duration of 5 minutes, is being shown by the director today to the spectators. A gift that can be accessed through three puzzles posted on the site…but it’s available below for those who don’t like “Riddler” style puzzles. We discover a Batman (Robert Pattinson) in search of answers who, like Clarice Starling who consults Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, turns to his best enemies to decipher Riddler’s actions.

“Because Batman was so upset that Riddler was writing to him, he had to go to Arkham to try to create his profile, and see if he could get into his mental state to understand the reasons for these messages.” , explain Matt Reeves.

When he goes to the asylum, the Joker who has been locked up – but not the Joker because there is no one – gets to read into Batman: ‘Why do you wonder why he’s writing to you?’ You two are exactly the same, both are masked guards. He compares the two, and Batman is so angry at the idea that he’s rejecting it.”

“The scene was originally in the movie, and Barry Keoghan was great, and so was Robert Pattinson. But after seeing the scale of the movie, I ended up realizing that she didn’t need to be there. I still kept the second scene. Because it marked the end of the Riddler’s arc, But also because it showed that more problems were brewing.”

If he doesn’t fully reveal himself, hiding behind the glass of the interrogation room, the Joker version Barry Keoghan It offers a completely new vision of the character, different from the incarnations of Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto or Joaquin Phoenix. The clown is disfigured here, his hands, hair, and face burnt with acid, and madness pervades every line, until his last laugh.

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