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Earlier this week, Batman filmmaker Matt Reeves shared a deleted scene from the recently released movie, introducing audiences to a new take on the classic villain, the Joker. The scene featured Irish actor Barry Keoghan Matt Reeves as the terrifying Joker. The scene featured Robert Pattinson as a Gotham City Crusader facing off against his classic antagonist, the Joker, played by Barry.

The scene was removed from the movie, which some viewers described as too long, however, now we see how Reeves’ reimagining of the Joker could perform. The shocking scene comes after Batman discovers that Riddler has killed the Gotham City Police Commissioner. Riddler left another one of his cryptic notes directed at a Batman who was just as worried about the opponent’s interest in him. Batman decides to seek insight into what makes Riddler tick and for that he visits the Joker located in the Arkham Asylum.

The five-minute scene sheds some light on Barry’s portrayal of the Joker, which was pretty short when Batman hit theaters. Viewers could see that Reeves’ iteration of the Joker had missed most of his hair, his nails were bloodied, and very different facial scars appeared than the previous on-screen Jokers played by Joaquin Phoenix, especially Heath Ledger. , among others.

“It’s almost our anniversary, isn’t it?” Joker says he meets Batman in the asylum. Batman pays Joker to Riddler’s reasons for leaving him notes, to which Joker replies, “Maybe he likes you? The Joker also suggests to Batman that Riddler may have a grudge against him as well. The Joker continues to mock Batman, saying, “I think somewhere, in Deep down, you’re just terrified, because you’re not sure he’s wrong. The scene ends with the joker’s laughter that might give a creep to many.

In response to the scene, one fan tweeted, “The new Joker gives me goosebumps.”

Barry also shared his reaction to the scene which has now gone viral on social media. The actor wrote on Twitter: “Honestly I’m at a loss, but I’m so lucky to take on this role after the amazing actors who came before me. Here’s my version. Enjoy.”

In an interview with Variety, Reeves also explained why his version of Joker has been tarnished. Reeves told Variety that in his reimagining of the classic DC Comics villain, the Joker suffers from a congenital condition where he can’t stop smiling. His face is half covered for most of the film and even in the scene that came out, we don’t see the Joker’s face clearly.

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