Before Morbius, this thriller was directed by Daniel Espinosa

In 2012, Daniel Espinosa directed safe homeAction thriller film starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. In this feature, Reynolds portrays a rookie CIA officer who must protect a rogue agent named Tobin Frost (Denzel), who turns himself into the agency after retrieving a thumb drive containing vital and classified information that would expose corruption in the CIA.

The film doesn’t necessarily offer anything new in its espionage and espionage drama, but Denzel and Reynolds portray hardened, no-nonsense heroes who start out as rivals but develop a complex and compelling partnership to expose shady members of the agency. This thriller also has a lot of action, including some physically intense fight scenes, fast-paced car chases, and gunfire.

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Denzel Washington is mostly known for starring in movies that include action and drama, so he’s totally at home in this thriller. While his role here as Tobin Frost can be seen as an anti-hero who strives to do what he believes is right, he is also a deadly killer who can battle and eliminate anyone who crosses him. Frost speaks frankly about his identity as he realizes all the mistakes he’s made in his career, and the sins he’s committed by killing innocents.

On the other hand, Ryan Reynolds is mostly seen in romantic comedies, but this feature gives fun dead list The actor is an opportunity to showcase his emotional and dramatic side. As Matt Weston, Reynolds is a powerful rookie CIA agent determined to take to the field. When several agents are shot dead in his safe house, Matt manages to escape, but his inexperience causes him to stumble multiple times in the story.

Matt tries to prove his worth as a field agent by taking Frost to the next available safe house so he can be questioned. Of course, Frost doesn’t make things easy for Matt, trying to escape and change his appearance. Both men fight each other several times. Matt wins the first round during a high speed car chase where they are chased by mercenaries who want Frost dead; Frost wins the second round by punching Matt hard as the two men hold each other at gunpoint.

Matt may be smart and skilled, but Frost is the expert (which is why he tells Matt that he only kills professionals). Frost also correctly predicts that Matt should force his girlfriend to leave him so that she does not endanger her or put her in harm’s way. The more Matt learns from Frost, the more a novice realizes that life as a CIA agent is mentally and physically demanding, and it is impossible to hold on to personal relationships in this dangerous profession.

One of the best elements of Espinosa’s movie is that the story is very much grounded in reality. Characters who can be easily hurt and shot, showing a realistic sense of pain, blood, sweat and tears. Frost and Matt go through Hell and come back to stay alive. The film is also a tribute to the thriller conspiracy films of the 70s in terms of people who distrust each other and question the legitimacy of the CIA and the US government.

safe home It also has elements of hard-boiled action movies of the 90s due to the physicality of the fight sequences and loud gunfire. The fast paced camera reminds us of Tony Scott’s sexy thriller movies man on fire (which also features Denzel Washington as a seasoned assassin) and enemy of the state. Definitely, safe home mostly compared to Jason Bourne Franchising (especially the later parts directed by Paul Greengrass) due to rapid editing. However, while Bourne’s Matt Damon will likely crush Denzel and Reynolds’ characters in a fight due to his speed and agility, Tobin Frost and Matt Weston keep them both in Espinoza.

The best fight scene for Frost is against Vargas, the leader of the mercenaries. Both men exchange some powerful punches in a hand-to-hand fight during a hunt in South Africa. Frost eventually shoots Vargas at his peak, killing a mercenary for killing his friends. Before he killed Frost Vargas, he stared at his enemy for a short while (something Denzel would do effectively as well in Equalizer movie series).

Weston has two violent fights with devious members of the CIA, including one he portrays suicide squad Actor Joel Kinman (best known for his role as Rick Flag). What makes the fight scenes with Frost and Weston so intriguing is how personal and emotionally invested they are. Revenge on the mercenaries who mercilessly murdered his former colleagues, ‘Frost’ takes out the traitors of a corruption-ridden agency (including his mentor). However, Weston knows that the only way to spread change in the CIA is to work from within and release all the classified information that Frost has recovered so that no secrets remain hidden, and all the bad guys are exposed.

safe home It may seem to be Jason Bourne or Mission: Impossible Wannabe with familiar elements from other thrillers, but Denzel and Reynolds are perfect in their roles, as they show strong men who brave the odds to defeat powerful foes. South Africa is also a hot spot for this feature as it gives the characters space to showcase some gritty car chases, gun battles, and fight scenes. Unlike other fictional secret agent features, Espinosa’s film unveils the dark and lonely nature of espionage, allowing viewers to form sincere feelings about the characters and their stories.

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