Bell’s Chris Ellison was relieved to share his aphasia diagnosis

Watch: project of lawChris Ellison appears on Live TV to discuss aphasic diagnosis

project of law Kris Ellison’s wife, Anita, said she felt “in mourning” for him after he was diagnosed with aphasia.

The 75-year-old actor – best known for playing corrupt cop DCI Burnside on the ITV Cop show between 1984 and 1993 – suffered a stroke in 2020 as a result of which he developed a brain condition that affects his speech.

Anita said Good morning Britain: “I was really kind of in mourning. It took me a long time to come to terms with it, I cried a lot. Now I feel so much better.”

project of law Actor Chris Ellison and his wife Anita appeared Good morning Britain to discuss the state of his brain. (ITV)

She added, “I was so lonely because Chris didn’t come out. He was really embarrassed. He just grabbed my arm because he knew he couldn’t talk. He didn’t want people to see him that way. We’re kind of like hermits really.” He’s the same smart guy on the inside and he still deserves respect. It’s like going out. “

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Ellison – who participated in Celebrity Big Brother 2015 – Decided to publicize the case after Hollywood star Bruce Willis, 67, recently announced he had aphasia and had retired from acting.

Chris Ellison Bell, pictured with his wife Anita, has been diagnosed with aphasia after suffering a stroke in 2020 (Getty Images)

Bill Chris Ellison, pictured with his wife Anita, was diagnosed with aphasia after suffering a stroke in 2020 (Getty Images)

GMB Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Madeley asked Ellison – who can understand everything he is told but struggle with words – if it would be a relief to publish his diagnosis to the public.

Ellison struggled: “Well, I don’t know…maybe…”

Anita added, “If you don’t mind answering on your behalf – for me, I saw a huge change in Chris. It was lifted immediately because I made it clear what was going on.

Bell (LR) stars Graham Cole, Chris Ellison and Simon Ross, on the launch season of the ITV Cop show.

project of law Superstar Chris Ellison [c] With co-stars Graham Cole and Simon Rouse on the ’90s ITV cop launch season.

“At first, he didn’t want to be on TV or to know anyone else. People still remember Chris when we go out. Now, I hope people understand.”

“I wanted people to understand what aphasia is. When you can spread it and educate people…

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“I’d tell people, ‘Just be patient.’ I’ll always be there to answer it. I just say, ‘Chris can understand you, he can’t answer.'”

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