Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Elon Musk… What does the new Grimes album have in store for us?

Last December, Grimes returned to the front of the stage with his piece game player a A title that evokes his ex-boyfriend Elon Musk. The latter gave a glimpse From the artist’s sixth album, book 1, which does not have a release date yet. While on Twitter, she presented her fans with two possible album covers, it seems that the project is finally taking shape. In this new opus, Grimes will present himself in the distant future, at a stage of technological advancement where one can descend their consciousness into a robotic body. According to statements collected by Vanity Fair United States On March 10, the Canadian singer is still developing the plot that will be a kind of cyberpunk interpretation of Swan Lake. She will explain Elon Musk’s theories on the metaverse: “We keep having this conversation where E (Musk) is like, ‘Are you real? Or are we living in my memory and you’re like a composite buddy created to be my companion here?’

While waiting for the release of this must-title album with The Weeknd, it’s already possible to get an idea of ​​the sounds and artistic direction of the project. This is the sixth composition of the Canadian artist named book 1, It will be a happy combination of voices Lemonade by beyonce and album Mellon Collie and Endless Sorrow Pumpkin smash. Each song will have its own identity – California pop, ring anthem, ethereal mass, “Fairycore”. If the last songs game player And the Shinigami eyes Announces the outline of book 1There will only be one song on the album.

The singer cannot be restricted to a reduced number of titlesShe is also planning to release an EP as a prequel to book 1 where the address Shinigami eyes Will appear. And she adds during the interview that I had with her Vanity Fair United States : “There are just more sound and conceptual ideas to grasp in order for everything to make more sense.Meanwhile, the singer announced that she intends to stay away from music after her release book 1With the clarification that his goal wasn’t to give up music forever. She wrote on her Twitter account: Celebrity culture is stifling. I don’t give up on music, but I will change my primary profession after the album release book 1.

Album release date book 1 by Grimes Not yet announced.


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