Blizzard discusses what will (and won’t) change in the Overwatch 2 beta – Ranked gameplay, hero mods, and more

Blizzard released early impressions of Monitor 2 The demo version, as well as details of the modifications that will be made in response to player feedback.

(Image: Screenshot from the official Playoverwatch YouTube channel)

developers Monitor 2 Discuss Hero’s mods

According to Games Radar, developers Monitor 2 They posted a blog post about the new beta, discussing Ranked Play, Champions Credits, the new scoreboard, and more.

It starts by assuring players that items such as hero builds, menu screens, player profiles, and more are still in the works and won’t be ready for the game’s final launch.

According to IGN, the main mod will be hero support, with Blizzard acknowledging that there’s new content that’s much more interesting for players than tanks and damage to explore.

However, similar to how Doomfist and Orisa received a rework, the development team is working on improving existing support heroes, which could be a part of this beta but will likely be included in subsequent testing periods.

Furthermore, IGN reports that Blizzard has also announced that new heroes, as well as new maps and features, will join Sojourn ahead of its actual debut in PvP mode.

No rated play in Overwatch 2 beta?

Games Radar also mentioned that ranked play will not be included in Monitor 2 beta. Quick Play is now the only matching feature accessible in Blizzard’s Shooting’s new beta, and the developer says this was a deliberate decision that won’t change in the future.

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Moreover, the Monitor 2 The beta will receive a balance correction later this week. While Blizzard is pleased with how the vast majority of heroes are balanced out, there are a few outliers to address, according to the blog post.

Finally, the developer chose to remove Fire and Medal systems from Monitor 2 Scoreboard, according to the blog post. The scoreboard has already sparked controversy among players around the world, but Blizzard assures them that it is still being worked out, and that a new “damage mitigated” stat will be added soon.

The report indicated that the list of amendments and updates for the new Monitor 2 The beta is pretty solid, and it’s encouraging to see Blizzard already taking player feedback into account a few days after it debuted.

twitch log display for Monitor 2 beta

Note and watch The gameplay peaked in Twitch viewing after the introduction of the beta, which indicates that the sequel is already proving popular.

As stated earlier, Monitor 2 It attracted 469,000 views less than two hours after the beta began on April 26, breaking the previous iteration of the game’s record viewership on Twitch. Overwatch fans have been waiting to see if they were chosen for Monitor 2 PVP beta. The only way to receive a beta key is to watch the shared broadcast on Twitch for a certain period of time using their Blizzard account. The PC beta key can only be obtained until May 17th.

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