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The husky voice actor Philip Baker Hall was highly regarded for his work with Paul Thomas Anderson and his appearances on several series.

Philip Baker Hall, one of the greatest supporting actors in Hollywood, who has starred in films like magnoliaAnd the Eight hard And the honor secretHe passed away on Sunday evening. He was 90 years old.

Hall’s death has been announced on Twitter by Neighbor, Sam Farmer, sports writer at Los Angeles Times. ” My neighbor, friend, and one of the wisest, most talented and kindest people I have ever met, Philip Baker Hall, passed away peacefully last night.Farmer Books. He was surrounded by his relatives. The world is empty space No cause of death was given.

Hall’s career spans nearly six decades, with 185 credits for film and television acting (according to IMDB), as well as more than 100 theater roles, according to an image from Washington Post for 2017. With a raspy voice and face once described by John C. Reilly as ” Basset Hound look, gravity and weight Hall was an accomplished supporting actor, capable of performing comedies and dramas, and leading a movie or making memorable television appearances.

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Hall was drawn towards acting at the age of ten playbill : ” I had a feeling I could be good enough if I wanted to But his first professional activity (after a period in the army) was linguistics, which he taught while earning his master’s degree. He ended up leaving academia for New York to become an actor. He made his debut in the 1960s in several productions as a member of the American Repertory and the popular improv band Second City.

Hall started with landing screen roles in the ’70s, landing guest roles on shows like happy timesAnd the mash* And the Emergency!and roles in films such as cowards. The closest thing to a major breakthrough for Hall is playing Richard Nixon honor secret, a one-man show about the scandalous president, in the early 1980s. The original play received rave reviews and was adapted by Robert Altman for the film in 1984. Although it wasn’t a huge commercial, Hall’s performance was widely praised and helped cement his image.

During an interview with Washington Post In 2017, Hall gave a brief description of the type of roles he excelled in: Weary men, old men, who have come to the point of their tolerance of suffering, stress and pain. I was drawn to playing these roles “.

In the 1990s, Hall became a staple in Paul Thomas Anderson’s films after meeting the young director while working as a production assistant on a PBS special. Hall starred in Anderson’s short breakout, Cigarettes and coffeeand turned it into a feature film, Eight hardas well as in classics such as magnolia And the dance nights. During this period, Hall also played a memorable role in an episode of the third season of SeinfeldAnd, a decade later, Larry David included him in the series Larry and his family.

Hall has also played memorable roles in films such as detection by Michael Mann, The talented Mr. Ripley by Anthony Minghella and Horoscope by David Fincher. In addition to his recurring role in Larry and his familyappears in a string like modern family, to the White House And the Bojack Knight.

Later in life, Hall suffered from emphysema, the result of decades of smoking, as well as the lasting effects of childhood pneumonia. He was forced to use an oxygen cylinder, yet he continued to work out regularly, appearing in films such as The last word And a series like big company And the The messiah.

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