Bruce Willis: Doctor in Actor Lock-Up – Symptoms and Causes

Hollywood legend Bruce Willis recently shocked the world when he announced his retirement from acting. Willis, best known for starring in the popular Die Hard series, decided to dedicate some time in his career in the wake of his aphasia diagnosis. By doing so, the actor put the condition on everyone’s radar, raising critical awareness.

However, “when this leads to embarrassment for more serious situations where the sufferer cannot form or understand a sentence; this of course can be devastating,” the doctor said.

In the case of Bruce Willis, speech is the most important quality an actor needs.

“So, that would impair his ability to deliver a text or, more seriously, speak with an ad,” Dr. Sanders said.

What causes aphasia?

According to Dr. Sanders, the usual cause of aphasia is brain damage in isolated parts of the brain that control language and speech, usually from clogged arteries that lead to mini-strokes.

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“The reason is important when considering the risk factors for aphasia,” Dr. Sanders said.

“The part of the brain that controls speech is a small area at the front of the dominant hemisphere called Broca’s area, named after the doctor who first described it,” he explained.

Therefore, “anything that damages this part of the brain can cause aphasia.”

According to the doctor, this can be an invasion by a tumor that previously did not cause symptoms, the so-called “silent” tumor.

He continued, “Then there is the traumatic brain injury. Dementia or infection may be a cause, and in these cases aphasia does not occur in isolation.”

Finally, Dr. Sanders added, consider vascular events, bleeding, or a blood clot blocking a small artery.

“Here the risk factors play a big role: high blood pressure, low blood clotting, atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries), vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels).”

Dr. ready message? “These are important risk factors because they are the cause of aphasia that can be prevented or treated.”

Since Bruce Willis announced his diagnosis of aphasia, Chris Ellison, best known for his role as DCI Frank Burnside on the ITV police series The Bill, has publicly announced his diagnosis.

The actor’s life took a dramatic turn 18 months ago when he was diagnosed with aphasia after suffering a stroke.

Accompanied by his wife Anita, Chris went on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to provide insight into his battle with aphasia and how it has rocked their lives over the past 18 months.

Anita explained how Kris was often “embarrassed and grabbed my arm because he couldn’t speak”.

“We were really hermits,” she said. “We never went out.”

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