Bundesliga permutations on the final day: Europe, relegation and promotion

Bayern Munich are the champions, Borussia Dortmund runners-up and Greuther Fürth runners-up – but there’s still plenty to play for the Bundesliga’s ups and downs on the final day of the 2021/22 season. bundesliga.com is powered by permutations…

Champions League

The top four qualify automatically for the group stage of the 2022/22 UEFA Champions League.

1. Bayern Munich (champions, 76 points, +60 goal difference)
2. Borussia Dortmund (RUNNERS-UP, 66, +32)
3. Bayer Leverkusen (61, +32)
4. RB Leipzig (57, +35)
5. Freiburg (55, +13)

Bayern was confirmed to win the championship in Round 31, while second and third places, respectively, Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen could not be caught. This leaves Leipzig in pole position to finish fourth and final in the Champions League.

Leipzig’s away win over Armenia Bielefeld would seal the deal, regardless of Freiburg’s performance at Leverkusen. A draw would see them cross the line, given the vastly superior goal difference. Defeat is also sufficient, as long as Freiburg is not victorious. But Leipzig will drop to fifth place if Freiburg loses to Leverkusen.

UEFA Europa League / European Conference League

The rules state that the team in fifth place and the winner of the DFB Cup qualifies directly for the group stage of the Europa League. However, as RB Leipzig and Freiburg reached the DFB Cup final this season, the team finishing sixth would take the second place in the group in the Europa League.

If the DFB Cup winner finishes fifth or sixth, then there will be no third German Bundesliga team in the Europa League. The team ranked seventh will instead play the Europa League play-off matches. Normally, the team would be in sixth place, but the aforementioned DFB constellation means that a seventh team from the Bundesliga would get a chance in the conference league with their domestic standing.

4. RB Leipzig (57, +35)
5. Freiburg (55, +13)
6. Union Berlin (54, +5)
7. Cologne (52, +4)

Freiburg’s superior goal difference means that they effectively guarantee Europa League group stage football at a minimum, regardless of the results in Round 34. Only a big loss at Leverkusen coupled with big wins for Union Berlin and Cologne will push them into seventh place. Until then, they could still qualify for the Europa League by winning the DFB Cup Final.

Al-Ittihad will play in the Europa League groups if it wins at home against Bochum, thus sealing the top six place. A draw would also suffice if Cologne did not win at Stuttgart in FB. If Al Ittihad draws and Cologne wins, the goal difference will be decisive. Union currently has one advantage. They are also advancing this season head-on, in the event that the two teams finish equally on points and goal difference.

Cologne must win to have the chance to play in the Europa League groups, but they also need a favor from Stuttgart. Colon’s victory and defeat of the Federation is the dream scenario. As explained above, a Cologne win and a Etihad draw brings a goal difference and potentially record numbers into the equation. If you draw or lose Kowloon, they will go to the Conference League playoffs.

Watch: Al Ittihad did Leipzig a huge favor with their win in Freiburg at the penultimate weekend

Teams that only have final places to play for

8. Hoffenheim (46, +2)
9. Mainz (45, +5)
10. Borussia Monchengladbach (42, -11)
11. Bochum (42, -13)
12. Eintracht Frankfurt * (41, -4)
13. Wolfsburg (41, -11)
14. Augsburg (35, -18)

* Frankfurt will join the top four Bundesliga teams in the 2022/23 Champions League groups, if they beat Glasgow Rangers in the Europa League final on May 18.

Eintracht Frankfurt, who reached the final of the UEFA Europa League, could qualify for the five Bundesliga teams in the UEFA Champions League next season. — Matthias Hengst/Getty Images


Forth is already down. For all intents and purposes, so is Bielefeld, given the lower goal difference. This leaves Hertha and Stuttgart battling from distance in an attempt to avoid a two-legged playoff for relegation against the third-placed team in Bundesliga 2.

15th. Hertha Berlin (33, -33)
16. VFP Stuttgart (Relegation qualifiers, 30, -19)
17. Armenia Bielefeld (auto touchdown, 27, -26)
18. Grether Forth (auto landing, 18, -53)

Hertha’s equation is simple: avoid defeat at Dortmund to secure another Premier League season. On the other hand, Stuttgart needs a home win at Köln and hopes to beat Hertha in the two BVB sessions in order to climb over the water line at the expense of the old lady – on goal difference. If Stuttgart draw or lose, they will not move and go to the playoffs. Hertha – who could finish 14th if they win and Augsburg lose to Fürth – will be safe.

Regardless of the results on the last day, Hertha cannot be relegated automatically. Stuttgart could – over a long period of time – but only if they were smashed by Cologne and Bielefeld to score a solid win over Leipzig. There are currently seven goals between them. In the unlikely event that Stuttgart and Armenia are tied on points and goal difference, Bielefeld will play the play-offs due to their head-to-head record (W1, D1). VfB will be migrated automatically.

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