Capricious, Joaquin Phoenix was uncontrollable in the group

Joaquin Phoenix won another acting award at the Golden Globes Awards. Her performance included a significant weight loss, which affected the entire filming. Arthur Flick/Joker/Joaquin Phoenix: Same expat?

Joaquin Phoenix’s career exploded in 2010. The 45-year-old actor Double the records, offers and prices. His biography reveals that he toured with the greatest of his time. Audiences and critics praised his interpretations, a rare double success. we saw it HaAnd Inherent viceAnd Good day And sisters sisters, among other things. This year, dementia embodies it joker.

The actor does not do half the measures. To get into Arthur Fleck’s skin, Joaquin Phoenix alias Joker went on a diet and Lost… 22 kilos. The consequences weren’t just physical. Pressure not to eatJoaquin Phoenix has become obsessed with food – which always puts you in a bad mood. He admitted to constant hunger during filming. The Nutritional imbalance and hunger pangs He caused tensions with makeup and hairdressers.

The Impressive Body Transformation of Joaquin Phoenix

In an article by, Anonymous testimony was collected. We learn that Joaquin Phoenix’s position made Hard work behind the scenes. Wanting to do his makeup and hair, he ran off during the retouching, and ran away from the set in between shots. In short, the star was uncontrollable.

As for the anecdote, makeup artists hesitated to bribe him with crackers to keep him quiet. Does the rising star have Hollywood whims or is Joaquin Phoenix bordering on insanity, to the point that sometimes it’s excessive? Anyway, he put his health on the line.

Photo by Joaquin PhoenixMake-up scenes: disdain for the professionals on set?

In general, many accidents have been reported in a group joker. He and Todd Phillips had a lot of competitions, as narrated by the same testimony. Not to the point of thinking of a second Joker, a priori.

Joaquin Phoenix’s investment, physical and emotional intrusion into the shooting environment. If he has to play again jokerAnd We hope he gets out of his character in the meantime. To play crazy is to become a little one.

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