Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol 2 Live Now Event – Rewards & Schedule

Overatch’s Anniversary Remix is ​​here again, bringing back past seasonal brawls, cosmetics, and challenge skins for a limited time. Anniversary Remix Vol. Event 2 is the best score for all of Overwatch’s past seasonal events. Brawls from the game’s Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Summer Games, The Archives, Year of the Tiger and Winter Wonderlands will … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date: When you can play the game on Switch, Xbox, PS5, and PC

Hogwarts Legacy It is an open world in the wizarding world Harry Potter. This game is developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Interactive, this game will take students to the ever-changing halls of Hogwarts like we’ve never seen before. before events Fantastic beastsPlayers will attend 19th century Hogwarts as a customizable student … Read more

The Overwatch 2 pro team was punished for an ‘illegal’ maneuver that even Blizzard admitted was fun

A Florida Mayhem game played by the esports team Overwatch 2 was deemed an “unlawful maneuver” by Blizzard over the weekend. The team surprisingly attacked the opposing Paris Immortals by teleporting over a rooftop, and had to replay the round as a result. They eventually won the match, but even Blizzard admitted that the banned … Read more