come on come on | For Joaquin Phoenix ★★★

The woman who has to accompany her husband when the latter must be treated for his mental health, entrusts her 9-year-old son to her brother, a single journalist.

Posted on November 26, 2021

Marc Andre Loser

Marc Andre Loser

Mike Mills is the director who, 10 years ago, allowed Christopher Plummer to finally win an Academy Award thanks to his performance in beginners. It was he with whom Joaquin Phoenix chose to return to the cinema two years later joker A large number of awards won by its authorship.

at come on come on (the very moment is the French title in Quebec), the actor slips into Johnny’s skin, a more “ordinary” character than the one we’ve been used to for a few years. Shot in black and white, this independent feature film explores the evolving relationship between a 40-year-old whose life is somewhat disorganized, and his 9-year-old nephew (Woody Norman). The latter ends up at his uncle’s house, which is when his mother (Gabi Hoffman) can help his father (Scott McEnery) regain his mental health.

Even if this story’s starting point suggests otherwise, Mike Mills, who is signing his fourth feature film, isn’t taking a traditional approach here, let alone Hollywood. The story is strewn with a perpetual veil of sadness, instead to analyze, often, the slightest actions of the heroes, the slightest words they exchange. To further his point, the filmmaker also makes Johnny a journalist who will interview young people across America for a report, only to ask them how they see the future. This path seems to have been chosen to head toward something more substantial, but in the end it doesn’t bring much more than that.

Beautifully Photographed (Pictures were once nominated for an Academy Award thanks to Ruby Ryan Favorite), come on come on It is one of those types of movies where emotions are simplified to the point where they get stuck in their tracks. However, the always gorgeous Joaquin Phoenix is ​​flawless, and so is the young Woody Norman.

In theaters in the original and the original version with French subtitles.

come on come on


come on come on

Mike Mills

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Norman, Gabe Hoffman


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