Cool Overwatch fan art turns Echo into an Adventure Time character

While Note and watch Released entirely in 2016, the Echo has been around for a much shorter time. First appeared in April 2020, Note and watch The champ didn’t have that long to become famous, although she still built quite a fan base – including one female artist that brought her to the Adventure time being.

The artist responsible for this crossover goes by Em1liath on Reddit, and this name is likely familiar to some members Note and watch social communication. This is because they drew a number of Note and watch Heroes in different animation styles. Roadhog was attracted to symbol picture Universe, Sombra becomes Teen Titan, Moira is made to look like Invader Zim thanks to this talented Note and watch admirer. As such, Echo is brought to Adventure time equal to the course.

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In this Note and watch Art, Echo looks incredibly happy, which is understandable since she was filmed in the colorful land of Ooo. While the backdrop forms the bright green grass and orange sky, it’s no surprise that Echo herself is the star of the show. The artist did an excellent job of bringing her robotic design into a fantasy world, where Eko’s head was given a fiery blue crest somewhat reminiscent of the complexion of summer games. Her arms, legs and wings are separated, while her body looks like a dress.

While this piece of art would have looked cute on its own, it’s taken to the next level with the addition of BMO. A lovable companion to Art and Jake can be standing in the corner of the picture holding flowers, apparently planning to give them to Echo as a gift. Seeing the two robots interact would surely be fun, so it was a smart idea on Em1lianth’s part to bring them together through this special piece of art.

Along with more than 4,700 upvotes, the post received many comments from Note and watch social communication. While there has been a lot of praise for the artist and this concept, others have suggested ways to continue Adventure time Crossing. Along with a request to make BMO look like Bastion, came an unfamiliar proposal from Baconlessness, who wanted to see Tracer transform into Treetrunks. A more apt idea came from IAMA_KOOK_AMA, who wanted to see Crazy Junkers get a new look that resembles a lemongrass. Regardless of whether these suggestions are taken into account, it is clear that Echo suits her well Adventure timeArt style.

It will be interesting to see how fans feel about Echo from a one-off perspective Monitor 2Beta releases, they may or may not struggle to keep up with the shift to 5v5. Regardless, they will always have fans, ensuring that stylish Echo-based art can continue to be made.

Note and watch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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