Craven the Hunter is the latest Marvel’s Spider-Man

Kraven the Hunter becomes the latest installment of Marvel’s Spider-Verse Spider-Man in the upcoming Edge of Spider-Verse series, which launches in August.

Kraven the Hunter has been transformed into the latest Spider-Verse Spider-Man from Marvel.

In an announcement for the upcoming Marvel’s spider edge verse In the series, the publisher revealed a first look at Kraven the Hunter Spider-Man variant, the Hunter-Spider. Created by artist Mark Bagley, the character comes equipped with a tailored shirtless jacket that makes him look like a feral spider, while his legs and arms show off some elements of a classic Spider-Man suit.

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spider edge verse It is a new limited series from Marvel that will be released in August. Over the course of the five-issue release, the publisher will introduce a number of new Spider-Man heroes — including Felicia Hardy Night-Spider and kilt-clad Spider-Laird — while bringing some fan favorites back to the mix, including Araña and Spider-Man Noir. and Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man: India. every number of spider edge verse It will have three floors to build an arch that will then conclude with end of spider verseA new epic will be released later this year.

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Craven Hunter / Sergei Kravinov debuted in 1964. The Amazing Spider-Man #15th. The character serves as a main player in Spider-Man’s rogues show that has appeared in many Marvel stories over the years. One of his most famous films, “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” sees a big game hunter capture and kill Spider-Man after he buries him alive on his property. As one of the founding members of Sinister Six, Kraven has also battled a number of other Marvel heroes throughout his criminal career, including Squirrel Girl, Black Panther, Tigra, and more.

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In addition to an upcoming appearance in July xforce #30 The villain Spider-Man will soon appear in his feature film. Sony Craven the fisherman The film is scheduled for release on January 13, 2023, and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the titular role. Craven Craven’s half-brother Craven will appear in the film, played by Fred Hechinger. The film is set to be Sony’s fourth entry in the Spider-Man franchise after 2018 poison2021 Poison: Let there be a massacre and 2022 Morbius. following Craven the fisherman he is Madame Web championship Sidney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson, set to hit theaters July 7, 2023.

spider edge verse Number 1 comes from writers Dan Slot, Alex Segura, Carla Pacheco, artist Bagley, among others, and cover artist Josemaria Casanovas. The version will go on sale on August 3rd from Marvel. spider edge verse #2 Follows on August 17th, with spider edge verse #3 Coming August 31.

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