DC Comics crushes Marvel, proof in 5 points

DC Comics vs Marvel, a new duel. In this article, let’s compare these two universes. Because as of late, Warner productions seem to outpace those of Marvel Studios by 5 points.

This is just our personal opinion – Credit: Warner Bros.

In terms of commercial success, Marvel Studios crushes Warner. It must be said that Disney has a set schedule to follow between movie and series productions on Disney+. But for several years now, criticism has been mounting against the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is criticized for stifling talent and for being too coordinated and intrusive. The DCEU has a different philosophy although it often seems that the universe has no clear direction. But as the business progressed, it became clear The DC Comics universe is replacing the Marvel universe.

That’s why 5 points only involve your editor, and everyone is free to give their opinion on the topic!

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1 / DC Comics surrounds itself with many authors

Picture 2: DC Comics crushes Marvel, the proof is in 5 points
James Gunn directs Idris Elba on The Suicide Squad – Credit: JESSICA MIGLIO / WARNER BROS / EVERETT COLLECTION

Marvel Studios has an unfortunate tendency To surround yourself with makers instead of real authors. Can we really cite recurring themes or unique style in the productions of the Russo brothers or, to go to Sony Pictures, Spider Man by John Watts? Visually, both poison They do not appear as successes. And the cold returns to Morbius Nothing fit. Sometimes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe draws from authors like Chloé Zhao to eternity. Unfortunately, the feature film does not shine with its quality despite having talent at its head. We dread more than Sam Raimi, the father of the very original trilogy Spider Manbridle Dr. Gharib 2 On orders from Disney. Reply soon.

In DC Comics, too, there are some nice films. But Warner takes a little more risk in terms of authors. Whatever we think of Zack Snyder and his style, which we can easily criticize, majoring would give him a head start with Zack Snyder. Justice Squad several hours. suicide squad Stand out as great success after failure suicide squad In 2016. Re-enlisting soon after, you had to dare! Don’t forget the series peace maker Too petty. As Matt Reeves takes care of Batman The composed film is considered a huge commercial and critical success.

2 / DC Comics has a freer hand by giving up an accurate calendar

Picture 3: DC Comics crushes Marvel, the proof is in 5 points
Marvel follows a set schedule – Credit: Marvel Studios

Warner seems to be scattered unlike Disney. Conversely, Marvel Studios has a rigorous timeline divided into several phases with projects announced over several years. Kevin Feige, director of the company, remains a fan of the comics who like to make them available through his productions. DC Comics does not share this philosophy. Editing himself from the calendar, publisher Free hands To publish its projects and review some of them. when Batman By Ben Affleck, Warner could afford to launch production on Matt Reeves’ iteration with Robert Pattinson.

No pressures, no deadlines to meet, Ironically, DCEU has been able to do a better job than Disney lately. Shootings are not examined to determine the presence of such a character. Rhythm is more digestible (see point 4) for audiences with spaced productions. Fans can breathe before the arrival of the newcomer.

3/ DC Comics productions are not necessarily related

Picture 4: DC Comics crushes Marvel, the proof is in 5 points
Joker is an Oscar-winning movie – Credit: Warner Bros.

The productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are related. This reasoning makes it possible to create continuity even with Sony Pictures movies. But if the formula you want to master, It forces Marvel Studios to never get out of the way, and not take too many risks. DC Comics looks very different and isn’t shy about making adult-oriented movies like Joker. A complete feature film success since Joaquin Phoenix won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Batman’s antagonist. about Batmanmany people praise his dark detective style. suicide squad He chooses a disrespectful tone, bad-taste jokes, and a bad spirit.

That doesn’t stop DCEU from hitting gigs every now and then with cameos like Justice League one in peace maker. or referring to Superman in suicide squad Watch Jared Leto Joker’s appearance in Justice League Zack Snyder. Just to maintain consistency and play the multiverse in a different way. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe uses this item to link production processes, Warner uses it to justify very different tones. Robert Pattinson’s ultra-realistic Batman wouldn’t cross an alien universe like Superman. The Dark Knight Ben Affleck can!

4 / DC Comics has a more digestible pace than Marvel

WandaVision arouses more and more audience's interest
The MCU is many products, sometimes too many – Credit: Marvel Studios

Well, Marvel is flooding its fans with movies and series but sometimes even indigestion. Since the beginning of the fourth phase of the MCU in January 2021, viewers have found out Wanda’s visionAnd the Falcon and the Winter SoldierAnd the lokiAnd the what if…?And the hookAnd the Black WidowAnd the shang chiAnd the eternity And the Spider-Man: There is no room for home. For 2022, we expect Strong womanAnd the Mrs. MarvelAnd the secret invasionAnd the Dr. Gharib 2And the bull 4 And the black panther 2. 15 programs. An industrial rhythm is sometimes exhausting.

By comparison, since 2021, The pace is quieter and less time consuming than DC Comics. after Justice Squad From Zack Snyder, fans took advantage Wonderful Woman 1984And the suicide squadAnd the Batman And the series peace maker. For 2022, anticipate seeing the arrival Sparkle And the Aquaman 2. 7 productions twice less than Marvel.

DCEU requires less investment in terms of time and allows production to be spaced out to breathe a littleYou find the universe more fun. We are far from the gluttony of similar products among competitors…

5/ DC Comics Brewing A Wider Audience Than Marvel

Picture 5: DC Comics crushes Marvel, the proof is in 5 points
DC Comics is serious about blood. – Credit: Warner Bros.

The comics are aimed at younger readers, but some of the stories are clearly intended for mature readers. Under the Disney umbrella, Marvel Studios can’t get past the family-friendly approach. as proof, Falcon and the Winter Soldier He removes blood from several scenes after it was shown live, which infuriated fans. With the entertainment giant, there are no waves. Everything must be wise to get as many people as possible back to the cinema. No doubt the ban or the box office receipts would be disappointing.

DC Comics allows itself to alternate with the curriculum. Shazam! It can be seen by young people like Krypto and Super Animals for kids. Batman Starting from adolescence Joker. suicide squad It can shock some viewers with his excessive bloodlust (not to mention a shot at his male genitals!).

With its most open orientation on the side of the onlookers, DCEU is more diverse than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it’s less sassy and smooth. It’s something different than Disney!

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