Did The Batman 2 find his double face?

Images from Warner Bros.

The sequel to the movie starring Robert Pattinson hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but Warner Bros. is almost certain. Pictures will light up the project.

The Batman movie premiered on March 3.© IMDBThe Batman movie premiered on March 3.

this week, Batman I finally got hbo-max It quickly took a place among the most watched on the platform, with at least 700,000 accounts played in the first 5 minutes of the three hours that made up the movie. Matt Reeves. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for this incarnation of Knight night done by Robert Patterson So even though it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, it’s almost a fact that Images from Warner Bros. It will give the green light to continue.

In this context, there has been speculation for some time about the possibility of contemplating who could be the next villains Batman. He is one of the main candidates the JokerThe one in the movie had a little engraving and that deleted scene Reeves The joint showed that there is a lot of this discount to show. He was the chosen actor to play it Barry Keoghan And the way it’s presented between the movie titles suggests it will be crucial to the saga’s future.

However, in the networks they speculate with other potential villains to confront Batman It has the same weight as Puzzle And they haven’t seen each other much in recent years. It is, if you think about the Joker, there are three actors who have played him in recent years (Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix) and it would be hard to have anything new to say about it.

Because of this, there has been talk for some time about other characters that can be used before ReevesIncluding characters like Poison ivy he is scarecrow. But the person who now won all the numbers is neither more nor less than two sideswhich has already been implemented by Aaron Eckart in the triple Christopher Nolan. Posted on social media over 8300 love Nominate an actor to become the new Harvey Dent From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like a bad decision.

+ Who could be the new Harvey Dent

by user Twitter @CS11_, Jon Berthal He is the perfect actor to become Harvey Dent. Although it wasn’t him who came up with the design, A ” big fan “ From this idea suggested a way to write a parenthesis two sides. ” presentation Harvey Dent The position of the new attorney general for Batman 2Personal development and its relationship with it Gordon, Batman and Ghoul Then, boom, after that, press the key all the way and two sides Boy “, books. In fact, it can be done like penguinwhich has just been launched and will have its own series: Show Start Harvey Dent and convert it to two sides Only in a third possible range.

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