Elon Musk reveals that his robot will be able to emulate your character

While the Tesla Bot is still forecast for 2023, Elon Musk has just revealed important information about this futuristic device. It will be possible to upload his personality traits to the robot, so that it can copy and imitate the personality of its owner…

In August 2021, Elon Musk introduced the Tesla Bot: a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence for the Tesla car. At that time, the entrepreneur promised to launch a prototype before the end of 2022, and Start commercial production as early as 2023.

Now Elon Musk reveals it The Optimus robot will be able to imitate the character from its owner. If you decide to buy one, you will be able to load your character’s themes onto the device. From then on, a human will be able to act like you.

This new information was just revealed by Musk in an interview with the CEO of Business Insider. During this interview, the businessman also pointed out three major threats to humanity: religious extremism, a low birth rate… and artificial intelligence.

Regarding Optimus, Elon Musk explains that ” Humanoid robots are coming. The pace of AI’s progress is very fast. Optimus is a robot specialist, a kind of worker. Her initial role should be repetitive, boring, or dangerous work. Basically, work that people don’t want to do. We can download the things that make us special. Now, of course, if you weren’t in that body anymore, it would make a difference, but I think we can preserve our memory and our personality. “.

A robot designed to interact with the human world

He adds that ” Mankind designed the world Interact with a bipedal human With two arms and ten fingers. So if you want a robot to fit into this world and be able to do the things that humans can do, it has to be roughly the same size, shape, and ability. “.

The prospect of a robot with a humanoid appearance and personality may seem intimidating, but it is anyway It is impossible to prevent technological development. Sooner or later, robots seem bent on scratching the shoulders of humans. Elon Musk is particularly counting on the rapid progress made by Boston Dynamics.

This Optimus robot will measure approx 172 cm vs 57 kgIt will feature artificial intelligence for current Tesla cars. Concretely, it would be a robot capable of walking and performing physical activities.

One The screen will be merged into his face It will provide all necessary information to the owner. The machine will be able to lift 68 kilograms and carry 20 kilograms. However, its speed will be limited to 8 kilometers per hour.

select it This technical limit was set voluntarily So that the robot does not risk infecting humans. It remains only to hope that this machine will not turn on man, realizing the disastrous predictions of Elon Musk himself …

Tesla Bot Optimus Release Date

During an update to Tesla’s product roadmap, Elon Musk said his two priorities are a fully autonomous driving system and an Optimus robot. from now on, The company focuses above all on artificial intelligence.

In the CEO’s view, A Tesla bot is not much different from a Tesla car. In both cases, the machine makes movements thanks to actuators and actuators that are controlled by an AI-enhanced central processor. The only real difference is that the car has four wheels and the robot has two legs.

The Tesla Bot release date is still set for 2023. However, Tesla’s Director of Artificial Intelligence, Andrei Karpathi, taking a four-month vacation To visit Europe and Asia.

This announcement surprised a lot of people, as Karpathi is overseeing the development of the fully self-driving system. gold, More than 60,000 beta-testers are still waiting for version 11 It’s meant to combine city and highway driving programs into one stack to simplify the development process. On top of that, buyers had to pay an additional $12,000 for the FSD V11 in January 2022.

Despite Carpathi’s absence, Elon Musk says development will continue : » Andre is amazing and obviously plays an important role, but we have many very talented people He explained in an interview with artificial intelligence expert Lex Friedman.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Ashok Iluswamy and Milan Kovac will play a bigger role in the future. However, Karpathi confirms that he intends to return And he notably announced on Twitter that he’s already missing the bots…

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