Elon Musk says Tesla could be the most valuable company; Here’s how much you could be today if you passed Apple

electric car giant Tesla Corporation TSLA It has been one of the most valuable companies in the world since its stock value has gone up more than 1,000% over the past five years. The company ranks as the sixth most valuable company in the world, the position of CEO Elon Musk It is believed that it will increase over time.

what happened: caught recently replied With his thoughts about Tesla becoming the most valuable company in the world to Twitter TWTR Post by Blog Whole Mars.

In the post to which he replied:

“If it wasn’t for Elon, there wouldn’t be a Tesla. All eyes are on shareholders who hate the man who made them rich just because the market was in deflation. It’s all Elon’s fault!” He tells you the stock price is too high. He told you a recession is coming.”

Musk shared his thoughts in response to the tweet.

“It did. However, I also believe that Tesla has the potential to be the most valuable company ever. When the market value of Tesla, in manufacturing sustainable energy products, exceeds that of Aramco, in producing fossil fuels, you know,” Musk said. The future will be good for the Earth.”

Musk Response References Aramco Saudi ArabiaThe second most valuable company in the world. Saudi Aramco is a $2.39 trillion oil company at the time of writing.

tech giant Apple company AAPL It ranks as the world’s most valuable company with a value of $2.42 trillion.

A total of five companies are ahead of Tesla, and it is also part of the trillion-dollar value club Microsoft Corporation. MSFTAnd the Alphabet Inc. The GoogleThe Google And the Amazon.com Inc. AMZN third, fourth and fifth place, respectively.

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Investing $1,000 in Tesla: Here’s a look at how you would invest $1,000 in Tesla stock if the electric car company is set to become the world’s most valuable company.

Tesla shares closed at $765 on Friday and had a market capitalization of $787 billion. The total number of Tesla shares outstanding is approximately 1.04 billion shares.

An investment of $1,000 in Tesla stock can buy 1,3072 shares of Tesla at the time of writing.

If Tesla became the world’s most valuable company, it would be worth $2,326.92 a share, assuming no earnings for Apple or other companies ahead of the EV maker.

The investment of $1,000 is worth $3,041.75 if Tesla becomes the most valuable company in the world, which represents a return of 204.2%.

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