Elon Musk scandal again on Twitter

Elon Musk loves Twitter, and we understand that. Rather than dedicating a large budget to promoting Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, or even Neuralink, the entrepreneur knows how to organize himself and spark interest with often offbeat tweets – on the whole always of a good nature…except when things go wrong.

We remember, for example, this skirmish with a lifeguard who participated in the rescue of children stuck in a flooded basement. Entirely annoyed by his inability to force teams on site to use an evacuation box of his design, Elon Musk then did not hesitate to treat the experienced rescuer responsible for coordinating Pedo-guy operations.

Twitter: Elon Musk disappoints his fans with two vile tweets about Ukraine and gays

This has already elicited disappointing reactions from many fans. Of course, there were also these other tweets that were suspended by the CMA, after which significant differences in prices for companies such as Tesla were observed. But we’re really wondering at this point what went through Elon Musk’s head when, a few hours ago, he decided to post two tweets (we imagine for humorous purposes?) about Ukraine, various causes, and LGBT issues.

The tweets were even more surprising as Elon Musk showed some support to the Ukrainians by offering them Starlink contact groups to prevent the war from brutally severing channels of communication with the rest of the world. One of the tweets appears simply to mock supporting causes, daring to blend in with LGBT issues which in our opinion have nothing of relevance, not to mention a lack of sympathy both for Ukrainian fighters and people of different sexual orientations.

In the following tweet, we can see an edited shot of the Narcos Season 1 series featuring Pablo Escobar, with the caption: Netflix is ​​waiting for the war to end to make a movie about a black Ukrainian who falls in love with a transgender Russian soldier. Inevitably, many followers don’t get a taste for this humor, to say the least. Loose tweets for example: “It really isn’t the time to make jokes about the backdrop of a war that so many people are suffering from…”

else : “Wait… why is that supposed to be funny? Oh, just because a rich guy said that!”. or Is it really time to spread hate, Elon? Comments on the first tweet, which brought the causes together, the war in Ukraine and the struggle for gay rights, further disappointed: “Hi Elon, we hope you are in good health and not having a nervous breakdown”

To follow up: “This post sounds like a depression, and frankly being LGBTQ+ is not a fad – I see where you’re coming from but it’s too much, please try to rest because the internet can’t do more than that. I hope you are doing well.” else : “Elon, I am a huge fan, but these tweets are so cool. I can’t say I am not disappointed.” or: “But why do the most intelligent people always have such a tragic flaw?”.

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It’s impossible at this point to know what drove this prominence in publications that were originally, we want to believe, a funny target. Was Elon Musk drunk on Sunday night? Are these tweets the result of a hack? We would really like to believe it, but unfortunately it looks just like that mixture of genius and ignorance that sometimes, unfortunately, is embodied in the person of Elon Musk.

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