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John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, first described his preaching outside the confines of the pulpit as “submission to be most despicable.” Until now he had seen this as something strange about his understanding of his mission.

That was how I felt when at the beginning of the year as Mayor of Bradford in 2016, I was expected to use Twitter on a daily basis. It seems to have been a civic tradition for the 21st century and was expected of me. The only way to deal with this spatial activity was to think about the day’s activities for up to half an hour and carefully craft an appropriate sentence stemming from a single event, a harmless ritual that some people appreciate.

Marina Hyde’s assertion that the internet controversy qualifies you as a Tweet is perfectly sound (what better Twitter owner than Elon Musk, master of the unwise tweet?, Apr 26). I would like to add that you should always avoid letting your fingers get ahead of your mind on any digital platform.
Jeff Reed

If Elon Musk was really keen on using Tesla for a “radical green energy transition,” he would make his cars cheaper, and Tesla charging points would be open to all e-car owners, rather than just proprietary hardware.

Regardless, it will not emit many tons of carbon dioxide2 He stupidly shoots cars into space, and he won’t distract us all from our common destiny on Earth with his fictional (also presumably owned) stories about the future on Mars and beyond. If there is any kind of “radical transformation” that provides us all with a future, it has absolutely nothing to do with Musk and his ilk.
Alistair Penny
Derby, Belgium

Joel Golby suggests that the best Elon Musk can do is delete Twitter (April 27). It won’t. However, those concerned about the self-promoting billionaire controlling online discourse have a simple solution: delete your Twitter account.

I know these online platforms have a way of becoming addictive and users feel they can’t live without their “drug of choice” – but in fact, we’ve lived thousands of years without Twitter.

Anything so popular with Donald Trump should be in doubt — and if enough people delete their accounts, he’s going to die. It would be really useful and funny: to see the musk “burnt” amazingly.
Martin Colt

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