Every character from Overwatch 2 has been confirmed so far

It’s been a long time, but Monitor 2 Closer than ever to release. However, we still have a lot of waiting to come, and a lot of heroes have yet to be revealed. Unlike most supplements, Monitor 2 It is basically a major expansion of the first game rather than a new reboot. Essentially, all content from the first game will be included in the game, along with some bigger changes and additions, such as maps and modes. However, the most exciting thing for fans is the new additions to the roster of bright, colorful and expressive characters.

Note and watchThe cast has been growing steadily since its first release in 2016. Although each character falls into a tank, DPS, or support role, Blizzard has managed to make them all competitive in their own way and definitely unique in terms of design and character. At launch, the game had 21 champions, which is already a large number for such a game, but 11 more champions were added, with another champion a little earlier. Monitor 2release. Although we don’t know much about the new faces just yet, here’s every character we know is coming Observation 2.

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since the announcement Overwatch 2, It has been officially confirmed that only one character will join our cast of heroes in the highly anticipated sequel. We don’t know exactly how many new characters will be introduced at launch, but if the roll out of heroes in the original game is anything to go by, we can expect there to be a steady decline in new characters over the life of the game. Let’s dive into everything we know about the new characters of Observation 2.


Sojourn was the first new character to be revealed Monitor 2 Besides announcing the game itself in 2019. Since then, we haven’t gotten much concrete information but we do know some interesting basic details. Sojourn was previously an Overwatch captain who joined during the golden age, is from Canada, and has received some electronic brain upgrades. Its primary weapon appears to be a form of power-based submachine gun with two firing modes. The basic mode is a simple automatic weapon, while the second turns into a focused stun that you can charge for more damage.

We’ve also got a gameplay trailer for Sojourn showing more new moves for this hero. Aside from a few brain upgrades, it looks like her legs have improved dramatically. We get plenty of shots of her gliding long distances on the ground, propelled by small rocket boosters on her thighs, then back up and hovering slightly in the air. One arm is also fully robotic, and its hand is able to transform into a cannon that shoots a kind of glowing orb. This green energy ball looks like it creates a kind of dome that either causes AoE damage or some other effect that wipes out an entire hostile group caught inside.

Unfortunately, none of Sojourn’s abilities have yet been demonstrated, except for a small glimpse of what appears to be her final. Based on the little we’ve seen, it looks like it will eventually allow it to fire these charged shots with virtually no slowdown, but whether that really is the case or if there is more is yet to be confirmed. However, it does feel safe, for now, to add her to the DPS class of characters based on what we know so far.

All characters are back


take a cue from Smash Ultimate, Everyone is back Monitor 2! That’s right, every character, new and old, will carry over directly to the sequel. They may not be completely identical, with some getting some gameplay tweaks, other visual updates, or both. Divided by their roles, here are each returning character that you can play as Observation 2.


The characters that dominate the gameplay clips, the fastest and most likely the most popular in the game are the DPS characters. Perhaps this is why the DPS has the same character count as the other two roles combined. These characters, as their name aptly sums up, are designed to be the bad guys on your team. Whether they have machine guns, missiles, or shotguns, these characters, while light on health, can penetrate enemies faster than any other role. Here are all 15 DPS characters that return:

  • ash
  • sound echo
  • Tracer
  • combine
  • pharaoh
  • cunning
  • Soldier: 76
  • Genji
  • sombra
  • domfest
  • widow maker
  • Torbjorn
  • Hanzo
  • stronghold
  • junkrat
  • mi
  • Symetra



No team can function without strong supporting players. These are essential for healing, polishing, and getting rid of the enemy. They are not useless in combat but they are not supposed to be on the front lines alone. They are sometimes seen as the unknown heroes of the game, ensuring that everyone else on the team can fulfill their roles. Here are all seven returning support characters:

  • I
  • Baptiste
  • Brigitte
  • Lucio
  • Mercy
  • Moira
  • Zenyatta


Finally, we have the big boys and girls, tanks. These characters are meant to absorb tons of damage while disabling enemy position and choke points. When your team needs to capture a point, the tanks shine through with aggressive drawing, blocking damage, and allowing DPS characters the chance to grab the enemy. We have eight tanks coming back to Overwatch 2:

  • Dr
  • Orissa
  • Reinhardt
  • Roadhog
  • sigma
  • Winston
  • wrecking ball
  • Zarya

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