Fantastic Beasts 3 drops 67% while Batman suffers from HBO Max Hit

In the pending news of the weekend, sonic the hedgehog 2 It took second place with $15.225 million (-48%) in its three-weekend, bringing its 17-day total to $145.8 million. This is right behind you Anonymous ($145.9 million) and sonic the hedgehog ($148 million) among video game films, so it will surpass that milestone (and become the first video game movie to reach $150 million) within days. It still looks like a domestic finish of over/under $185 million, which would be a “breakthrough sequel” – worth a 25% increase. Once he crosses $155 million, he’ll be behind Tomb rider ($131 million in 2001/212 million adjusted) among video game films in domestic inflation-adjusted earnings. I don’t have outside updates yet, but the movie has definitely crossed $255 million worldwide, and hopefully, it will pave the way for my “three times your $110 million budget” world finish.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald It’s down 67% in its second weekend, which is honestly on par with later Harry Potter Which opened in front of a lot of money on their opening weekends. The Wizarding World prequel threequel earned $14 million, bringing its ten-day domestic gross to $67.127 million. Barring a miracle, the third fantasy led by Eddie Redmayne won’t break a local $100 million. However, it held a good position overseas with $38 million (-44%) for $216 million in new foreign exchange and a total of $280 million worldwide. The $200 million budgeted (in part thanks to Covid overruns) may end up providing $400 million globally to save face, but $375 million seems more likely. Regardless, especially with most narrative threads wrapped like an arc, I can’t imagine this proposed five-part franchise not retroactively becoming a trilogy.

Once again, smashing the A24 sleeper Everything everywhere at once I continue to dictate false hope and unrealistic expectations for the future of the Covid-era play. Forget that “normal ratio of ratios” I discussed on Friday, that rate earned another $5.425 million (-12%!) for a new $26.9 million for 31 days. It will cross $30 million domestically by next Sunday and (focus on “could”) could end up with more than $40 million by the end. The comedy-comedy Michelle Yeoh/Ki Hui Quan/Stephanie Hsu/James Hong will be A24’s fourth biggest in a day or three (all due respect to the witch And moon light) and may threaten hereditary ($44 million), Lady Bird ($49 million) and Uncut Gemstones ($50 million). Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s $25 million fantasy for the multiverse would be a hit with these bonanzas in non-Covid times, let alone now.

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum the lost City e earned $4.37 million (-30%) in its fifth weekend. That original $70 million would give $85.3 million in 31 days and a potential path to $100 million plus domestic gross. This is especially true with this coming summer with almost nothing explicitly aimed at adult women. I don’t know what Paramount is doing right after making so many mistakes over the past six years Top Gun: Maverick Opening next month, but hopefully Brian Robbins can continue what Jim Giannopoulos started. Sony father stu He earned $3.325 million (-38%) in his second weekend for a total of $13.9 million in 12 days. Ambulance You’ll earn $1.81 million (-55%) for $19.2 million in 17 days. You can atone for your sins by paying over $20 when this Michael Bay gem arrives at PVOD later this week.

Morbius You will earn $2.25 million (-52%) in the four weekends for $69 million domestic and $156 million worldwide. Even on a $75 million budget, that’s a whiff. In Sony’s best news, Anonymous It has $393 million worldwide. finally, Batman She lost 731 theaters and made $1.5 million (-60%). It continues to be a huge hit, grossing $368 million domestically and $759 million worldwide. However, the loss of theaters, the deluge of competition on all sides, and the first appearance on HBO Max last Monday, contributed to the dramatic decline. If this continues, it could reverse the trend we’ve seen since then A Quiet Place Part Two The arrival of a successful film “early” on PVOD and/or broadcast does not affect the theatrical box office. I’m tempted to argue a combination of all three versus blaming HBO Max entirely, but we’ll see.


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