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Oscar-winning actor for his work in Joker Tender movie lead. This year it will hit theaters in Latin America.

The film is directed by Mike Mills.© IMDBThe film is directed by Mike Mills.Federico Caristia

If you are one of those who closely follow a career Joaquin Phoenix You won’t want to miss the next premiere. Still without a release date in Latin America, it will be distributed by diamond movies And he will show it in a human face much more than it appears in JokerThe movie he won oscars In the year 2020. You probably came across this title and didn’t pay attention to it, which is why we tell you about the topic of this very kind story.

Joaquin Phoenix heads Come, come on: always aheadwhich is a production directed by Mike Mills focused on johnny, a man who works on the radio and does an interview project with children who asks them what philosophical things adults usually talk about, with the idea of ​​making a report. His project will be stopped, at first, by the appearance of his sister, with whom he has not spoken in a while, who will ask him to take care of her son for a few days. Those days turn into weeks and Johnny must soon incorporate the boy into his routine.

From this change, a great friendship will be born between the two, with strong indications of fatherhood on the one hand johnny In a film that aims to investigate both life, fatherhood, and the connections with the people we love most. The story is filled with a lot of freshness and tenderness, especially because of the great chemistry they were able to compose at the same time Phoenix Like his young colleague Norman Woodlandwho is distinguished by his way of playing a little Jesse.

The central focus of this film will be in this connection between the two heroes who often reflect roles and will johnny Finish by reflecting on your own life, the goals we set for ourselves, the priorities we have, and how all of this affects our environment and loved ones. Follow! Follow This is the first feature film Phoenix Movie premiere stars Joker.

Netflix also has a parenting movie

If it comes to raising young children, Netflix He also has a movie that recently got a lot of reviews that you must see if you like action Olivia Colman. it’s a the lost girlbeginnings Maggie Gyllenhaal qui se concentre sur une professeure de littérature qui part en vacances en Grèce et là, elle rencontre une famille très particulière qui va attiser des souvenirs de son passé, notamment liés à la la façonlev noté elle elle enté la sere relation With them.

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