Filming for Joker 2, still with Joaquin Phoenix, will begin in 2023

After the worldwide success of the first act of writing, director Todd Phillips and actor will return to continue the Arthur Fleck story.

Over a billion dollars in worldwide box office revenue, rave ratings and numerous awards including the Academy Award for Best Music and, above all, Best Actor for Joaquin Phoenix: Joker It was one of the greatest films of 2019. Todd Phillips’ feature film, a true phenomenon and symbol of protest, was able to offer a fresh look at Batman’s most famous enemy.

A text that would tempt Warner Bros

If the director had quickly announced that the film was being seen as a one-shot, the success would have been too great to miss a franchise opportunity. In September 2020, after the huge success of the film, Warner Bros. He also announced that two series were being written and that the studio was even offering $50 million for Joaquin Phoenix to return. Always ready to resume the role that earned him an Academy Award, the actor will return in this sequel project, and Todd Phillips will once again supervise and produce the script.

According to the latest information (including a report from Heroic Hollywood), the text of this segment has already been sent to Warner Bros. The famous studio could have been tempted since filming a movie Joker 2 It should start in 2023. A distant history which is explained especially by the busy schedule of the actor, who has to play Napoleon Bonaparte for Ridley Scott’s next film. Especially since Joaquin Phoenix (currently starring the souls of our children) Once again a major physical transformation has to happen, he is the one who has already lost 23 kg for the 2019 movie.

What is the plot for the great return of the Clown Crime Prince?

For now, neither the actor nor Todd Phillips, and even less Warner have confirmed the news, and it’s clear that it will be necessary to wait before we learn more. An inexplicable delay in releasing on March 2 Batman, the next big movie from Warner Bros. that’s embarking on a massive merchandising phase. This new adventure of the Dark Knight is supposed to take place in another world, and should not affect Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, so there is little chance of seeing the two of them encountering each other one day. If his famous enemy is absent, what could be the plot Joker 2 ? A few days ago, Willem Dafoe, aka Le Bouffon Vert was in Spider-Man: There is no room for home, put forward the idea that the Joker is a fraud to come to confront Arthur Fleck, believing that the idea has potential. If the shooting really takes place in 2023, it will be necessary to wait until 2024 to find Joaquin Phoenix in Joker clothing.

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