Focus on Chopard, the creator of the Cannes Film Festival tokens

The embodiment of glamour, creative freedom and pushing boundaries, the Cannes Film Festival takes place every year in the gorgeous French Riviera location. It reviews the new films released during the year and celebrates the best of cinema and documentaries from around the world.

This exclusive, invitation-only event is a spectacle of cinema’s highest distinction, the Palme d’Or. Originally founded in 1946, this festival of excellence is the venue for a host of prestigious awards such as Best Actress and Best Actor, as well as prizes for lesser-known filmmakers and emerging designers.

Since Caroline Scheufeli succeeded her father Karl as Chopard’s creative director, she has cemented the relationship between Chopard and the Cannes Film Festival. In 1998, it was announced that Chopard would join forces with Cannes to become the official party partner. Meanwhile, Caroline Scheufele reimagined the iconic Palme d’Or, which is now a shimmering spectacle of ethically sourced “Fairmined” gold.

Golden Palm

Throughout its history, it has been awarded the Palme d’Or for the best creators of world cinema. From “La Dolce Vita” by Federico Fellini in 1960 to “Sailor and Lula” in 1990, passing through “Dancer in the Dark” by Lars Von Trier in 2000 with Icelandic visionary Björk, and “Titanium” by Julia Ducournau In 2021, the Palme d’Or is a symbol of absolute genius.

The ever-evolving love affair between Chopard and the Palme d’Or began with a meeting of two creative enthusiasts, Caroline Scheufele and Pierre Viot, then director of the Cannes Film Festival.

When their minds collided, an idea was born. To update and relaunch this iconic trophy, Caroline thought about what shape best represented this prestigious distinction. She chose the simple yet striking motif of palm fronds lining the famous Croisette and the coat of arms of Cannes finished with an emerald-cut diamond.

Made of 118 grams of 18 karat yellow gold, the current Palme d’Or is made by Chopard’s master jewelers and requires a minimum of 40 hours of work by 5 craftsmen. Caroline extends her heart to the world of cinema by decorating the base of the cup with a humble and simple heart, a noble nod to the ethics of Chopard, the great jeweler of the heart.

Chopard Cup

The year 2001 marked a new chapter in the love story between Chopard and Kane. To highlight emerging talent in the film industry, the Chopard Award is given to a young actress or actor whom the committee considers to be the most likely future silver screen star.

Previous winners of this alliance include Audrey Tautou, Lea Seydoux, Adele Exarchopoulos, and Marion Cotillard, all of whom are hot on the big screen. Young actors such as Ezra Miller and John Boyega have also received a Chopard Award and have become iconic characters on screen, both in blockbuster films and in independent films. In 2021, Jesse Buckley and Kingsley Ben Adair were honored.

Chopard appreciates the opportunity to reward daring young talent. After all, their philosophy is audacity and creativity. Caroline implores us to take the leap of faith and follow our dreams, because who knows what our ultimate reward will be?

Best Actress Award and Best Actor Award

In addition to the famous Palme d’Or, Chopard also made the Palmes Award for Best Actress and Best Actor of Exceptional Beauty. Recently awarded to Rinat Rensvi, Emily Beacham, Samal Yeslyamova and Diane Kruger, these smaller but perfectly shaped awards are coveted year after year in the film industry. Previous winners are Caleb Landry Jones, Antonio Banderas, Marcelo Fonte and Joaquin Phoenix.

Other Symbolic Cannes Film Awards

The Cannes Film Festival recently invited Chopard to continue and expand its collaboration, and since 2018, the Maison has designed the “Little Palm” for the following awards:

  • Grand prize
  • Director’s Award (Best Director)
  • Screenplay Award (Best Screenwriter)
  • Jury Prize
  • A short film, the Palme d’Or

Chopard now creates all the most prestigious awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Chopard and the Cannes Film Festival view their ongoing collaboration as a partnership that celebrates true innovation, creativity and art.

All the gold Chopard uses to produce the awards meets the stringent criteria set by The Journey to Sustainable Luxury, a program created in 2013 to source materials in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

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