Fortress: Eye of the Sniper director shares Bruce Willis’ heart-wrenching moment from the new action movie set: Exclusive Interview

Bruce Willis has a new and exciting action movie for audiences to enjoy, The fort: the eye of the sniperThe sequel to the 2021 movie Castle. after events CastleIn order to protect his family and castle, Robert Michaels (Bruce Willis) will have to fight against an ancient enemy he thought he had defeated.

Illuminerdi had a chance to speak with Josh Sternfeld who led the new Lionsgate sequel.

The Citadel: The Eye of the Sniper’s director shares the memory or works with Bruce Willis

The fort: the eye of the sniper It was Sternfield’s first time directing an action movie and working with Bruce Willis, but it seems Willis was quick to welcome the action movie novice into the fold. Josh Sternfeld shared a touching story about Bruce Willis, who recently retired from acting, and welcomed him into his first action movie. Sternfeld was quick to praise Willis for his welcome and revealed the hilarious gift the action star gave him before they began filming.

“It was an unbelievable honor and a dream come true. I mean he was cool and professional and engaging, he was totally present. We kept joking between the shots. And when I first met him he knew this was my first action movie and he gave me a fun candy as a little gift I thought was fun and then we started blocking rehearsals “It was just a dream. I mean I can’t believe my first action movie has one of the biggest action stars in the last 30 or 40 years. I mean I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing.”

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Working with one of the most famous action stars in your first action movie can be intimidating, but Willis’ kindness seems to put Sternfield at ease. The director had nothing but good things to say about the legendary actor and his experience working with him The fort: the eye of the sniper. During our interview, Sternfield also revealed the most challenging part of dealing with the first action movie.

Castle of the snipers Al Ain Bruce Willis

“It was a translation of bringing the practicing choreography and rehearsals of the actual fighting moments to set her and then letting her have her own time to work normally. That’s what some ask for. You’re assuming that because everyone knows all the choreography and everyone is practicing it so well, when you start filming it, it’s going to be like this The perfect seamless fit and everything will work out.

But it still takes a while because it should look natural and you have to do it from different camera angles. And you’re on an incredible shooting schedule. And there are a lot of challenges for her, but I would say translating the fight scenes was the real learning experience for me.”

Thrilling choreography is an integral part of a successful action movie, so it’s no surprise that this aspect of shooting would take a lot of time, precision, and effort. It’s interesting how much preparation goes into these scenes and a peek behind the scenes at how the training process evolves into what the audience sees on screen. The fort: the eye of the sniper He has a number of action sequences, so Sternfield definitely learned on his feet when it came to this aspect of the genre.

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The fort: the eye of the sniper Follow events Castle With Robert Michaels (Bruce Willis), Paul Michaels (Jesse Metcalfe), Kate Taylor (Kelly Grayson), and Ken Blaine (Michael Cero) facing off against an old foe they thought they had defeated Frederick Balzari (Chad Michael Murray). Balzari attacks the castle again not only wanting to get rich, but to take revenge on Robert Michaels who defeated him in the previous installment.

sniper castle eye poster bruce willis

The fort: the eye of the sniper Available in select theaters, video on demand, and digital now. Are you going to watch The fort: the eye of the sniper? Are you excited for Castle A sequel to continue the story? What do you think of Bruce Willis’ welcome gift for director Josh Sternfeld? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or at Our social media And check back with The Illuminerdi to find out more.

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