GeorgeNotFound breaks Twitch streaming record

Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound earned another accolade after earning a record Twitch viewership during a recent cooking live broadcast.

Maine Craft Streamer GeorgeNotFound has over 4.8 million followers on Twitchby participating in Maine Craft The role-playing servers led by Dream contribute to his massive representation in the number of hits. Thanks to the recent trend where Twitch Streamers showcase their culinary skills, GeorgeNotFound has broken a world record while cooking live.

GeorgeNotFound received several files Twitch It was banned in the past but has now taken to baking and cooking, which led to strange and memorable behaviors during the broadcast along with guest appearances from other YouTubers. Its popularity makes it easy to see how George can claim such an impressive record, with more than 319,000 people continuing to watch.

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GeorgeNotFound has set the record for the majority of viewers in a live cooking broadcast on Twitch, with the help of YouTuber Jack Massey Welsh. Welsh is also a Maine Craft A streamer but more popular on YouTube for videos about driving and modifying a Tesla car. The video in question was titled “George Learns to Cook…” and was broadcast on March 20, 2021. By compiling Twitch stats, Welch concluded that GeorgeNotFound is likely to break the world record, as Wales documented the live broadcast on his channel at YouTube.

The process of obtaining the official Guinness World Records record is based on candidacy; Welsh did this for GeorgeNotFound after a failed attempt to host the “most watched live stream from a hot tub”. GeorgeNotFound Stream was later disqualified due to the small inflatable pool being used, but after a successful nomination for the live cooking broadcast record, Welch awarded him a belated trophy in celebration of his “Hot Tub” recording attempt.

However, attempts to encourage people to watch non-gaming-related content, such as cooking live streams, are not always logged, as there is a wide range of topics to check. Other non-gaming categories on Twitch streaming include “Just Chatting”, “Slots” and “Music” themes, as well as the uniquely appealing ASMR category to gamers and broadcasters alike. Viewership varies as the game categories, but the wide range of people watching allows content creators to continue providing entertaining streams to their audience.

GeorgeNotFound is now officially certified by the Guinness Book of Records, but his fame and popularity can lead to many other culinary players trying to break the record. Streamers like Maya and Pokimane recently tried to show off their culinary skills, and fellow Twitch content creator Kjanecaron caused a fire. As a result, it may not be long before the mysterious record is broken again due to the sudden trend of live cooking.

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