Hannity: Welcome to the “world of conservatism” by Elon Musk

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MSNBC host Sean Hannity discusses Mehdi Hassan, claiming on his show that the “neo-Nazi” faction in the Republican Party will grow mid-term due to Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase of Hannity.

Shehanti: Now we want to introduce you to a not very bright MSDNC host who is having a hard time dealing with the new Twitter ownership. Now we go to one of their hosts. I don’t really know this guy Mahdi Hassan. Dangerous neo-Nazis are now poised to take over the country, all because Elon Musk bought Twitter. Stay on Twitter, says Elon Musk. All my critics, feel free to attack me because that is all about freedom of expression. They are upset.

Hannity: The Disinformation Council will not police any of Biden’s lies

Now, today, Elon Musk responded, tweeting, quoting, “NBC is basically saying Republicans are Nazis…” By the way, Elon, I don’t know if you’ve watched a show or been watching tonight every day. It used to be every two years. every four years. Now pretty much every day. Republicans are racist, sexist, anti-gay, xenophobic, and Islamophobic. Now transphobic. They want dirty air, water. Grandpa and grandma want to eat only dog ​​and cat food.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – JULY 24: An NBC News and MSNBC booth at Wells Fargo Center is seen on July 24, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Democratic National Convention opens July 25 (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

And then they want some prominent Republican lookalike to take Grandma and Grandpa in a wheelchair and throw them up a cliff. Welcome to my world. Welcome to the world of preservation. This is the same organization that covered Hunter Biden’s laptop. He continued telling the story of early Harvey Weinstein and they killed her and built Matt Lauer. His Rape Bureau wrote. Wolf, I think he’s talking about the last thing that was reported. I don’t know if it has been verified. He writes “Beautiful People”. Anyway, I’ll add this is the same network that provides you with Joy Reid, conspiracy theorist of all time, Rachel Maddow, and until recently he was lying, Brian Williams. You know, the guy who saw bodies floating during Hurricane Katrina in front of his unflooded hotel.

Needless to say, NBC News doesn’t exactly appreciate the truth. No fake news for CNN, and in this regard, both organizations are nothing but propaganda arms of the DNC. They peddle lies, conspiracy theories always to advance the socialist agenda. I hate conservative, everything conservative, hate Trump and all Trump supporters.

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