How Morbius Martine changes Bancroft for the better

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sony Morbius Film, a famous doctor and researcher takes a huge risk to find a cure for a debilitating disease. Using himself as a test subject, he found a cure, but at a huge cost. Michael Morbius, inspired by the Marvel comic book character of the same name, transforms himself into a living vampire thanks to his experiments with his own genetic material and bat DNA. However, he does not do this alone.

One comic book character who jumps to the screen with Morbius is Martine Bancroft. The character first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #102 Created in 1971 by Roy Thomas and Jill Kane, just like Morbius. Despite this, Martine on the big screen, played by Adria Arjona, is very different from her original comic book character.

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Martin’s comic book story, through thick and thin, is linked to Michael Morbius. She didn’t really have a story on her own. Every aspect of her life revolves around him. His secretary and girlfriend in the comics, she’s present when he starts trying himself. She is one of the few who survive when he changes too. Morbius actually discusses drinking her blood before diving from the boat they were on to prevent himself from harming her. When Martin discovered the nature of his experiments through his notes and letters to a fellow scientist, she was looking for this scientist for help – Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Martine’s trip to visit the Fantastic Four, only leads to more conflict while Sue Storm is left to “cool her”, which doesn’t really help him.

In the end, Martin is used in a plot by a magician to get to Morbius, and she’s even turned into a living vampire as he is. But when Martine recovers, this does not satisfy her. After all, she wants to spend eternity with Morbius, so she is actively looking for a traditional vampire to transform her and make her immortal.

This transformation makes her violent and even more obsessed with spending her life with Morbius, and she seeks to turn him into the same type of vampire as her. She chases after him, uses Spider-Man to track him down, and eventually, fights them in her efforts to convert Morbius. Morbius ends up piercing his own heart. It’s a tragic end to what would have been a compelling love story if Martin hadn’t been written alternately as a girl in distress and a maniacal stalker.

in 2022 Morbius Film, Martine is not a secretary. Instead, she is a physician and scientist who works at Horizon Labs alongside Michael Morbius. In fact, she is clearly just as smart as herself and invested in helping others. Martin discovers his research and understands him even though he tried to hide it from her to give her reasonable deniability of the illegal aspects of his work. Martin insists on helping him not because it’s in his best interest, but because she believes in finding a cure for his rare blood disorder.

The fact that Martine is his love interest wasn’t confirmed until after they developed the “treatment” that turns him into a vampire. Like the comics, Martin is one of the few people who initially survives an encounter with the newly transformed Morbius. Also like the comics, they are used against him. This time, when his former best friend tracks her down and puts her in danger. The difference is that Martin knows what’s going on and initially refuses to play with him. Yes, she is in danger, but she chooses to sacrifice herself with the intention of preventing further bloodshed.

When Morbius finds her, mortally wounded as a result of her encounter with Milo, she says to him, “Make her mean something,” not wanting her death to be in vain. At this point, the two discovered that the artificial blood Morbius continues to eat is not enough to keep him alive, or to keep him at full strength. She knows that her blood will help him be strong enough to stop his ex-boyfriend.

However, like the comics, Martin’s story doesn’t end when Morbius drains her blood. She swallowed some of his blood during the encounter, and opened her eyes after leading the audience to believe she was dead, leaving the potential character back for a possible sequel, and back with her as a living vampire like Morbius at the time. While there are obvious connections to its comic book counterpart, this version of Martine is more of a character, focused on science and helping others beyond just her love for Morbius. She is actively making choices for herself rather than making Michael Morbius her whole world.

What is not clear now is whether Morbius You’d get a sequel from Sony, or even if the character played a role in building Sony’s Marvel universe. With movies planned for Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web, and more on the way, it’s clear Sony wants to be able to have an interconnected world of Marvel characters to play with, but so far, critics and audiences haven’t been as receptive as the studio might like. Morbius It has a rating of 16% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but has a rating of 70% from the audience. The division is too wide for those who did and didn’t like it.

If Morbius and Martine appear in more Sony installments, some fans may worry that Martine’s on-screen journey could play out in a similar way to the comics as she transitions from a living vampire to a traditional vampire. This will open the door to a more supernatural angle for Sony movies, but that doesn’t seem to be ruled out code Coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and giving the MCU their vampire stories.

Martine of the Movie universe won’t have this sole goal of having Morbius spend eternity together, but she wants to use her abilities to make a difference. As she urges Michael when she offers her blood to help him, “Make it mean something.” She does not want her death to be in vain, nor does she want her transformation to be in vain either. If anything, Martin’s path might see her trying to continue the search to find a cure for bloodborne diseases without the vampire side effects. She and Morbius will definitely make an interesting anti-hero duo as they work to save people and still hold their humanity.

Morbius It is currently showing in theaters.

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